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What the Capitol Grounds Looked Like Thursday

This post contains adult langugae.

Fencing now surrounds the US Capitol Grounds. Crews completed the work in about 6 hours, finishing around 3p.m. under the eye of Capitol Police, National Guard and members of the public, many of whom watched from the staircase of the US Supreme Court.

Fencing encloses the west side of the grounds, running along Northwest and Southwest Drives and leaving the reflecting pool as well as the Garfield and Peace Monuments accessible to the public.

The Capitol Grounds are enclosed by 7 foot fencing, and patroled by National Guard, MPD, Capitol Police and an array of forces from the region. E.O’Gorek/CCN

Small groups of people lingered near the Grant Memorial, many carrying signs and waving flags that said “The People Protect and Defend” and “Trump: For Law and Order”. As they walked by cameras, people wearing “Trump” scarves shouted, “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Near the corner of First Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, about twenty people stood near a sign bearing the name of Ashli Babbitt of San Diego, the woman killed when she entered the Capitol Building together with a mob yesterday.

Many appeared to have decided to use the day for tourism instead; one group used Capitol Bikeshare to stop at the Capitol Building on their way to see the Lincoln Memorial.

Up near the Russell Senate building, a man with a guitar loudly sang “Fuck You, Trump” at the corner of First and Delaware Streets, at the place where on Wednesday, Hill Rag filmed a parade of Trump supporters marching by.

“There is a big problem in this political system, and I think we all saw that yesterday,” the guitarist, who identified himself as Drag, said.

Music helps convey a message, Drag said. “We’re not being rude to the people; we’re just conveying our position –and it’s up to them how they want to react.” He described his New York based rock band, The Resistance Company, as a “non-violent, direct-action rock band.”

“We’re just going to take a look around, and make sure there are no remnants,” Drag said, “and if there are, they’re going to hear from us.”


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