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More Than 800 Deaths from COVID in DC

On Monday, DC reached a terrible benchmark.

More than 800 District lives have now been lost to COVID. Four additional residents lost their life due to COVID-19 on Monday, including three men aged 43, 79 and 84, and an 88-yo woman. As of Jan. 4, 801 District residents have died from COVID-19.

The disease continues to ravage the District’s black community. While black residents account for nearly half (48 percent of the test results), they account for 590, or 75 percent of deaths due to COVID in the District.

DC reported 262 new positive coronavirus (COVID-19) cases for Jan. 3, bringing the overall total to 30,166.

The daily case rate (per 100,000) is 31.77. It has remained over 30 (per 100,000 people) since Dec. 3. While hospital utilization, at 77 percent, is not viewed as unusual, 12.1 percent are COVID-19 cases.

See full data and graphics at coronavirus.dc.gov


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