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Volunteer to Garden in Triangle Parks Saturday

It’s going to be great weather for gardening!
Join Guerrilla Gardeners for an outdoor volunteer event at Potomac Triangle Parks this Saturday, November 14 from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.. The work will consist of planting bulbs, daylilies and liriope.

This fall, the community joined with the Guerilla Gardeners to bring back to life these two triangle pocket parks near Potomac Gardens and Hopkins Apartments. Llocated at 12th and K Streets SE and 1430 L Street SE, respectively, the two parks had received city funds two years ago to fix up the hardscape, and the city installed a splash pad. Sadly, the city ran out of money before it got to the landscaping.  The Potomac Gardens and Hopkins communities felt that they had been abandoned, once again.

Yet, this is a story of how the community can step in to help with one good turn leading to another. A group of neighbors got together to do the work, and the new park was dedicated Sept. 26. The Guerrilla Gardeners have made a five-year commitment to these public spaces, and you can help keep them in blooming beautiful condition.

And hey, do you enjoy weeding? There will be ample opportunity to do so. It’s not the goal of the day, but it would sure be appreciated!

If you have: garden gloves, trowels and water to drink, bring them along!
Read more about this project from the Hill Gardener.

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