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Andrew Bossi Runs as Write-in for ANC 6D01

In the Nov. 3rd General Election, DC residents will have the opportunity to elect ANC (Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners) in their District. The ANCs are a non-partisan body of elected officials that represent local community members.

The commissioners serve two-year terms without pay. All commissioners in all wards are up for election this year. Each commissioner represents a Single Member District (SMD) of approximately 2,000 residents. The ANCs’ main role in the District is to be their neighborhood’s official voice in advising the District government (and Federal agencies) on things that affect their neighborhoods.

ANC 6D covers neighborhoods in both the Southeast and Southwest quadrants located south of the Mall and Virginia Avenue, including the homes of DC United and the Washington Nationals as well as The Wharf and Buzzard Point. Although SMD 6D01 has no candidate listed on the ballot Andrew Bossi has announced his candidacy as a write-in for the positions.

To vote for a write-in candidate, write the candidate’s name next to “Write-in” on the ballot. Make sure to also circle-in the oval next to “Write-in” in order for your vote to count.

If you are a candidate to represent an ANC SMD and want your statement included, please email SarahP@HillRag.com


Hello! My name is Andrew Bossi (he/him) and for those looking at their lack of candidates for ANC 6D01: I should perhaps highlight that I am running as a write-in for Southwest’s 6D01 commissioner.

Behind that large floral Muppet-resembling mask is an introvert who some might recognize from quietly sitting at the front when we still had in-person ANC meetings, and even as we’ve gone virtual I have continued to live-tweet our meetings to the #ANC6D hashtag. Our family, alongside so many others this year, adopted our dog Stella this year, and we’re often roaming about the neighborhood with our fuzzy canine.

I work in transportation as an engineer and planner, and as one might expect from that: transportation and land use are undoubtedly at the fore of my interests. I believe our ANC needs a comprehensive transportation plan that takes into account the massive growth Southwest is experiencing, as well as its impacts while it’s all being constructed.  We need safer and more equitable infrastructure for our most vulnerable users, and I like to think I had a hand in the Fourth Street Bikeway even if it does still have room for improvement.  We need a more robust curbside management program that can tailor our limited streetsides toward our greatest needs: ridehailing & delivery spaces so double-parking doesn’t block lanes, addressing resident parking needs, space for bikes and scooters outside of sidewalk spaces, and especially as COVID continues to threaten our businesses: keeping the door open to business interested in outdoor seating and parklets.

My work and interests also intersect with land use. The growth Southwest is experiencing is both our greatest opportunity and our greatest threat.  We must press every development to not just meet, but to exceed Affordable Housing goals, and all the more for those parcels that are able to, by right, develop some of the most valuable real estate in DC without any affordable housing at all.  We must seek protections for tenants most at risk of displacement, especially working to help our neighbors in our public housing communities to remain here in Southwest as development seeks that same land, and also our neighbors who wonder how they will be able to afford to remain here in the face of rising rents and rising costs.  I want growth that doesn’t turn us into something like a gated community, but provides a variety of homes and a variety of businesses, for the variety of us calling Southwest home.

I’m excited to have received an endorsement from Greater Greater Washington, and welcome others to read my responses to their survey at: http://tiny.cc/6d01  (P.S. Keep wearing those masks & show off your best prints!)

An earlier title gave Mr. Bossi’s first name as “Mike”. The Hill Rag sincerely regrets the error.

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