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Meet the Candidates: ANC 6D

In the Nov. 3rd General Election, DC residents will have the opportunity to elect ANC (Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners) in their District. The ANCs are a non-partisan body of elected officials that represent local community members.

The commissioners serve two-year terms without pay. All commissioners in all wards are up for election this year. Each commissioner represents a Single Member District (SMD) of approximately 2,000 residents. The ANCs’ main role in the District is to be their neighborhood’s official voice in advising the District government (and Federal agencies) on things that affect their neighborhoods.

Big change comes to ANC 6D, which covers neighborhoods in both the Southeast and Southwest quadrants located south of the Mall and Virginia Avenue, including the homes of DC United and the Washington Nationals as well as The Wharf and Buzzard Point. The ANC has one race contested on the ballot, in 6D07. Although two SMDs, 6D01 and 6D02 have no candidate listed on the ballot, candidates Andrew Bossi (6D01) and Jared Weiss (6D02) have announced their candidacies as write-ins for the positions.

To vote for a write-in candidate, write the candidate’s name next to “Write-in” on the ballot. Make sure to also circle-in the oval next to “Write-in” in order for your vote to count.

Hill Rag requested statements from known candidates. Below are those responses received for candidates for ANC 6D. If you are a candidate to represent an ANC 6D SMD and want your statement included, please email SarahP@HillRag.com

Courtesy Andrew Bossi

Andrew Bossi (Write-in, 6D01) 

Andrew Bossi works in transportation as an engineer and planner, and transportation and land use are undoubtedly at the fore of his interests. He believes ANCD needs a comprehensive transportation plan that takes into account the massive growth Southwest is experiencing, as well as construction impacts. He says Southwest needs safer and more equitable infrastructure for the most vulnerable users, a more robust curbside management program to tailor limited streetsides toward what he said are the greatest needs: ridehailing & delivery spaces to avoid double-parking, especially important as COVID continues to threaten our businesses: keeping the door open to business interested in outdoor seating and parklets. The growth Southwest is experiencing is both its greatest opportunity and greatest threat, Bossi said.  Developers should be pressured to not just meet, but to exceed Affordable Housing goals, even on projects where affordable housing is not required.  He said the community seek protections for tenants most at risk of displacement, especially in working to help neighbors in our public housing communities to remain in Southwest as development seeks that same land, and the neighbors who wonder how they will be able to afford to remain in Southwest in the face of rising rents and rising costs.  Bossi said he will advocate for growth that “doesn’t turn us [Southwest] into something like a gated community, but provides a variety of homes and a variety of businesses, for the variety of us calling Southwest home.” See: http://tiny.cc/6d01

Jared Weiss (Write-In, 6D02)

Courtesy Jared Weiss

Jared Weiss is running a write-in campaign to represent the area bounded by South Capitol St., Potomac Ave., 1st St. SE, and I St. SE. Weiss has lived in DC for fifteen years, and in SMD 6D02 for five of those, as an owner in the Velocity condominium.  He received an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Chicago and an MS in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University.  For the first part of his career, Jared worked as a consultant building models for a variety of clients, including the Social Security Administration.  For nine years he has worked for AARP, where as the director of data science he is tasked with helping to empower people to choose how they live as they age by analyzing data to make predictions about the impact of decisions.

Weiss said that while the past year has been challenging for many, it has also motivated many people, including himself, to do something to help make a positive impact.  His initial plans as commissioner are to continue the good work and strategies utilized by former 6D02 Commissioner Anna Forgie, who stepped down in October after moving out of the SMD. Weiss looks forward to tackling the challenge of representing the incredible diverse community by listening to all resident concerns and suggestions, and diligently working to act on them.

6D03, 6D04

The Hill Rag did not receive statements from incumbent Commissioners Ronald Collins (6D03)  and Andy Litsky (6D04), both of whom are running for re-election to represent their SMDs.


Fredrica Kramer (6D05) has lived in Southwest DC for more than 40 years, and has been a local activist for most of that time. After a career in social and urban policy, Kramer is running for reelection to ANC to help ensure that the ANC remains as strong as it is, to enforce the principles in our Small Area Plan: maintaining our “exemplar of equity and inclusion,”  preserving our “green oases,” and protecting our ”Modernist gem.” Kramer is focused on preserving our iconic social diversity and the need for more affordable housing and more family-sized units. Kramer believes that the community must press the Council to strengthen the laws that will support equity and inclusion, and ensure that each development project that comes before us prove its worth to our community—exceed affordable housing requirements, create meaningful common spaces, and honor the aesthetic of Southwest. No photo provided.


The Hill Rag did not receive a statement from incumbent Commissioner Rhonda Hamilton (6D06) who is running for re-election to represent her SMD.


Courtesy Edward Daniels

Edward Daniels (6D07)  is an entrepreneur and the current Commissioner of Navy Yard-Capitol Riverfront and long time DC resident. Daniles has served as an ANC commissioner for two years and has worked to remain honest, transparent and to hold himself, my colleagues, and others in positions of power as accountable as possible for both their actions. As commissioner for 6D07, Daniels has worked on traffic safety and efficiency, scheduling of after-hours construction and on loop-holes that utility companies have used in order to perform ‘emergency’ work without ANC approval.  Daniels also is engaged with ‘Neighborhood Nights’, a community meet and greet with himself and key local stakeholders. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Daniels brought together over 100 residents atop the new Thompson Hotel. Daniels has advocated for the health and safety of our residents and the recovery of businesses during the pandemic and remains vigilant in his request for waterfront region a comprehensive traffic plan, as we continue to grow and become a world-class entertainment and tourist destination. Daniels believes that the death of George Floyd and subsequent protests sparked my thoughts and frustrations with failed systems and has really informed my mode of operation as he hopes to enter this second term. Learn more about Daniels and his platform on his website www.EdwardforANC.com.

Courtesy Eric Blaylock

Eric Blaylock (6D07) is a management consultant and entrepreneur with a 22-year track record of service to District residents.  Prior to living and working in the DMV, Blaylock served his country in the United States Air Force, planning and coordinating close air support missions in southeast Asia.  He continued his service locally at Andrews Air Force Base, as a Public Affairs Officer in the US Air Force Reserves. Blaylock understands the challenges that come with community advocacy and local level representation of one of the most vibrant and fastest growing neighborhoods in the city.  As a long-time city resident, he has worked with city agencies to tackle many of these challenges, such as smart development and inclusive growth, public health and safety, and transportation and parking. Blaylock said that when it comes to working with District Government, what residents want the most is a resourceful, responsible, and reliable representative who has the tenacity to fight the hard battles that often come along with getting anything done in the District. You can learn more about Blaylock and his platform at www.ericblaylock4anc.com.

Read candidate statements in other ANCs: ANC 6A, ANC 6B, and ANC 6C (running Monday at 12:39 p.m.).

Learn more about ANC 6D by visiting www.anc6d.org. Learn more about the 2020 General Election by visiting dcboe.org

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