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DC, Walgreens Partner for Flu Vaccinations 

At Monday’s situational update, Mayor Bowser (D) spoke about a partnership between the city and Walgreens to provide flu vaccinations to DC residents starting today.

The program, which runs through October 2, will run Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. at the Judiciary Square Walgreens (1155 F St NW Ste 975). Walgreens pharmacists will administer the vaccines. Bowser said most insurance types are accepted for the vaccine. 

Residents must bring a copy of their insurance card and a US Government issued identification card in order to receive a vaccine. Residents without insurance are encouraged to visit DChealth.dc.gov/flu for information about clinics offering vaccinations.

DC Health recommends that residents call theirr doctor’s office or find a health provider to get the vaccine as soon as possible, preferably by the end of October.

Bowser emphasized that the flu vaccine is both safe and necessary for everyone ages 6 months and up, especially amid the pandemic.

“The flu vaccine is safe, it will not make you sick,” Bowser said. “Even if you got the flu shot last year, you need to go again this year, but especially this year, getting the flu or getting COVID can cause serious illness and we know that catching both at the same time can make you very ill.”

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