Keep Each Other Safe: Donate Masks

Help Ward 6 Mutual Aid Get Masks, Essential Supplies to Neighbors

Ward 6 Mutual Aid distributed backpacks containing a device for them to learn on, plus additional supplies, treats --and masks-- in late August. Photo: Elizabeth Dranitzke, Serve Your City/Ward 6 Mutual Aid

As we all work to keep one another safe by wearing our masks, there are still many in need of supplies.

Ward 6 Mutual Aid (W6MA) delivers materials to our neighbors in need throughout Ward 6, including masks.  The team includes reusable adult/teen (ages 13+) and children’s masks (ages 7-12 and ages 3-6) in bags that delivered to neighbors who call the hotline and partner organizations in need (as they are able).  They also give disposable masks to unhoused neighbors residing in tent encampments.

So far, W6MA has distributed over 10,000 masks, including more than 1,000 masks in backpacks prepared for the Back to School Bash.  The majority of these masks have been donated either by organizations or individuals.  There is also have a team of volunteers who sew masks, and W6MA is always looking for more sewing volunteers.

Contact Ward 6 Mutual Aid if you would like to donate or volunteer to sew masks for distribution to Ward 6 residents!  E-mail or call 202-683-9962. More information is also available on instagram here.

You can learn more about W6MA efforts and how you can help by visiting