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TFCH Can Help Get Tree for Your Yard

As the year inches towards fall the trees turn, and the minds of some of our residents are turned to the trees.

Trees for Capitol Hill (TFCH) will hold their annual tree-planting beginning on November 21, placing saplings largely in public space. However, the organization also offers a “friends & family” program to plant on private property. You must indicate interest by September 1.

Participating neighbors are required to prepare a hole on their property and pay the cost of the tree (at a discounted price) plus a pro-rated share of the shipping costs. The TRCH trip to the nursery for tree-selection will take place in early September while the trees are still in full-leaf.

TFCH selects a specimen of the preferred species at the nursery, purchases the tree, arranges delivery and assists in planting. These trees are quite large, usually 1” to 2″ caliper, and not inexpensive. Still, they are typically a more mature tree than what you could bring home and plant by yourself; the discount makes them much more affordable; and you pay much less in shipping and installation costs than if you purchased those services directly from a nursery.

TFCH also assist those who would like to plant a memorial tree or commemorate a loved one or a special occasion. This can be done in public space or on private property.

Trees for Capitol Hill (TFCH) is a non-profit community group dedicated to restoring the tree canopy of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington, DC. As volunteers, they work to help renew, restore, and refresh the diversity of trees that make Capitol Hill so pleasantly green.

If you are interested in either of these programs, email elizabeth_knits@yahoo.com with ‘Friends & Family Tree’ in the subject line. You can learn more about the organization at TreesForCapitolHill.org.

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