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Join Eastern Market Virtual Goose Chase

Get ready for something a little different this month! EMMS is hosting a virtual Scavenger Hunt. From from 9 a.m. July 23 to 9 p.m. July 29, community members and visitors are encouraged to form teams and work together to win!

The Goose Chase is a group scavenger hunt where teams will compete to complete tasks, find objects, and maybe visit locations on a list provided by the event organizer. Teams will use their smartphones to take photos or video clips of team members with specific items or at specified destinations to provide proof of teams completing scavenger hunt missions. Tasks earn points and win prizes, all while supporting local businesses.

For the past couple of years, Eastern Market Main Street (EMMS) has hosted Third Thursdays, a monthly event series connecting people to place through engaging activities, classes, games, entertainment and more. The COVID-19 has put a temporary damper on  such events, but EMMS is still creating activities to support local businesses and engage with the community.

EMMS is covering the cost of the app and the prizes. This is the first event of its kind EMMS has tried and you should give it a try, too! Details at: www.easternmarketmainstreet.org/emms-virtual-scavenger-hunt-july-20

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