Sue Greer: Bio-Energetic Healer

Sue Greer

If you are having difficulty juggling the unknowns in your life right now and would like to get back on an even keel, you may want to talk to Sue Greer.  Sue, a bio-energetic healer and medical intuitive, can work with your life force energy or breath (prana) on which all of your bodily functions depend and help you to energetically calm down.

“I work with people to help them manage their anxiety, fear and stress which may trigger people’s historic trauma or stress,” Sue explained. “Fear of finances, fear of the future, fear of the unknown are all things we rely on as our goal posts. When these are threatened it challenges our fundamental survival.”

The pandemic and subsequent isolation for months have taken a toll on our health and well-being. While most of us did not get the virus, the effects of lack of income, inability to socialize, stay-at-home orders and an unfamiliar future has made us sleepless, anxious, scared, depressed, lonely, out-of-shape and generally out of balance.

Now that restrictions are getting lifted and we can start to reenter public spaces, we may be more anxious than ever, feeling helpless and worried that we will succumb to COVID-19.

We are not helpless. There is more you can do than you might perceive. In addition to physical distancing, washing hands frequently and wearing a mask in public, keeping yourself functioning optimally can help ensure your immune system will be able to ward off any nasty COVID-19 particles.

Did you know the mere fact that you may be stressed can cause your body to release cortisol, a hormone that shuts down major systems which compromises your immune system?

“Life force energy (prana) flows through all living things including humans. If this vital energy shows disturbances and blockages they can lead to disharmony in the body which is a preset for all kinds of diseases,” says Sue.

Sue’s Practice

“In physics everything is found to emanate an electromagnetic field. I can connect to clients through that field. She asks the question: How is your energy flowing? Sue examines how well-balanced or weak your five energy channels are. Each channel is associated with different systems of your body (digestion, circulation etc.), When she finds the imbalance, she clears the path and may give suggestions to alleviate the problem.

For example, Sue told me about a woman she was treating remotely. “I felt her completely enveloped with her fears and stress. I worked with her through her chakras, meridians and energy pathways and was able to open her to release some of the tension. Even though I didn’t tell her what I was doing, she said, ‘I feel like a cloak has been lifted off of me.’

I’ve known Sue Greer for about 20 years,” said Patrick McClintock, massage therapist on the Hill. “We quickly became friends. I have been having sessions with her for years.”

Patrick used Sue as a resource before his cancer diagnosis several years ago (she could diagnose things before many western medical doctors), and worked with her while getting well. “I have tremendous trust in her,” he said. “And I’ve learned so much from working with her.” Sue has a myriad of tools with which to treat clients and is a teacher as well. Patrick has attended a chakra-balancing weekend workshop with her. Both Patrick and I have been attending her weekly sound meditation zoom workshop.

Who Should Seek Energy Work?

In addition to COVID-related imbalances one may have, Sue may be helpful with issues such as addiction, life paths and clearing energy in an office or home. In fact, as soon as we can comfortably allow guests in our homes, she will be doing a sage energy clearing in my new beach home.

Sue’s Background

Sue has been working remotely through the pandemic. “I don’t need physical touch to work. Energy is energy. It doesn’t need to be a Zoom call either. I’ve been doing energy work for 30 years.”

Sue first studied with her grandmother when she was 13. She grew up in Pittsburgh where her grandmother held healing circles for residents in an old age home. She also was trained and practiced a mentorship with a school for healers. When she moved to DC in the 1970s she continued her classes. Sue is also an ordained minister.

“The techniques and tools of bio-energetic healing address this vital life-force of energy and creates harmony and balance. We don’t solve the problems, but find a way to cope with the situation.”

Sue says people often seek her help after having tried all kinds of remedies that didn’t work. For example, she recently worked with a woman who has lymphedema and fibromyalgia. “I am helping her to eliminate her chronic pain virtually.”

I had an in-person session with Sue (she practices both at the beach and in DC) before the shutdown. I had just created a major upheaval in my life by moving after 35 years and I wanted to get balanced.

Sue is also working with a woman from Australia who had fractured tail bone. “My client has worked with a lot of people physically (chiropractor, osteopath), but that didn’t work. I helped her alleviate her pain. The hardest thing for us was setting a time.”

As a medical intuitive, Sue looks at the energy patterns behind an illness rather than the pathology. For example, for someone with heart disease she may look at the stress response. She may find a contraction of trust and lack of perceived freedom. “I look at the energy around the illness.”

Sue says it can take one time or several sessions to shift energy. It depends on how open you are to the shift and how receptive you are to her work.

If you want to contact Sue email her

Pattie Cinelli is a health and fitness professional who has been writing her column for more than 20 years. She focuses on non-traditional ways to stay healthy and get well. Please email her with questions or column suggestions