ANC 6A Supports Full MPD Funding


Chair Amber Gove (6A04) convened the June 11, 2020 meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6A to order via WebEx with Commissioners Marie-Claire Brown (6A01), Phil Toomajian (6A02), Mike Soderman (6A03), Ruth Ann Hudson (6A05), Stephanie Zimny (6A06), Sondra Phillips-Gilbert (6A07) and Brian Alcorn (6A08) all in attendance.

ANC6A Supports MPD Funding
In response to recent national calls to limit funding to local police departments, the Commissioners voted, unanimously, to draft and send a letter to Mayor Bowser and Councilmember Allen in support of fully funding the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). The letter will also request priority attention and funding be directed towards mental health service and escalation prevention training. The Commissioners expressed great appreciation for MPD and the progressiveness of the police force as a whole. MPD Captain Pulliam, in a brief statement to the ANC, asked residents to send feedback, both positive and negative to

See a copy of the letter online here.  

2021 Budget and Education Funding Update from Deputy Mayor Paul Kihn
Mr. Kihn shared Mayor Bowser’s fiscal year 2021 budget titled HOPE, focusing on health, opportunity, prosperity and equality. Washington DC entered 2020 in a strong financial position thanks to years of smart fiscal stewardship over the city’s budget. The District’s overall annual budget is $16.7 billion that includes $8.5 billion of local funds. This year’s budget includes a $113.5 million increase across all DC public schools with $6 million for additional, unexpected work required to complete the Eliot-Hine Middle School modernization and $48 million going to the completion of Benajmin Banneker Academic High School. An additional $74 million will go towards infant and pre-k facilities creating 540 new early childhood education slots and 180 new pre-k slots.

Additionally, $11 million will be used to improve ADA accessibility at municipal faclitiyes, $14.75 million is for renovating Engine Company Seven and $25 million will be used to improve public infrastructure at Howard University Hospital.

This fiscal year’s budget again includes a $100 million investment in the housing production trust fund and $79 million in funding to rehabilitate DC housing and continue investing in community programs. $1.1 million has been committed for capital improvements to the Eastern Market Building and $467 million dollars for improvements to streets and sidewalks with an additional $11 million for new street-scaping and safety improvements on Florida Avenue between 2nd and H Streets NE. The DC Street Car will also receive $113 million to extend the line to the Benning Road metro station.

Grant Funding for Community Organization
The Commissioners voted, unanimously, to approve a grant in the amount of $3,000 to Serve Your City/ Ward-6 Mutual Aid Network. Serve Your City provides programming across a range of academic, community engagement and athletic activities. The organization requested a grant from ANC6A to purchase a refrigeration unit for keeping perishable foods before distribution to the community, disposable masks, electronic devices to assist students with distance learning and to print culturally-sensitive public health materials. Much of Serve Your City’s work is focused on Wards 6, 7 and 8 with a Ward 6 pod based out of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church at 1636 East Capitol Street NE. To learn more about Serve Your City, visit Community members can also call 202-683-9962 to refer those in need.

Motions and Recommendations

  1. The Commissioners voted to send a letter of support to Mr. Clifford Dixon, Permit Expeditor, regarding permits for excavation, foundation and building that would allow work by the Eliot-Hine Middle School construction team for extended work hours from 6:00 am to 12:00 am Monday through Saturday for interior work only in order to expedite completion of the building in time for the new school year. Commissioner Alcorn was the dissenting vote.
  2. The Commissioners voted, unanimously to send a letter to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), now that automated traffic enforcement is in their purview, requesting that they consider a list of locations for speed and/or red-light cameras.
  3. The Commissioners voted, unanimously, to amend ANC6A’s settlement agreement with Callister Technology and Entertainment, LLC, t/a Duffy’s Irish Pub at 1016 H Street NE (ABRA# 111076) to permit amplified sounds in the summer garden until 11:30 pm Sunday through Thursday evenings and 12:30 am on Friday and Saturday evenings and the evenings before federal and District of Columbia holidays.

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