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ANC6B Announces COVID Grant Program

COVID-19 has introduced new challenges for everyone from organizations, merchants and restaurants to families and individuals.

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6B has responded to the challenge and to the DC Council’s encouragement to use a portion of funds “to support organizations providing humanitarian relief, including food or supplies” with a new accelerator grant program.

ANC6B has allocated $45,000 of its administrative reserve to support a program of grants to organizations providing humanitarian relief.  “We recognize that this is a very modest effort in the face of the havoc of the pandemic, but we hope it will be a significant contribution to the important work being undertaken by the grant recipients,” wrote Commissioner Jerry Sroufe (6B02), who chairs the grant working group, in a program notice.

Organizations serving Capitol Hill and Ward 6 can download a grant application now at ANC6B.org, or can request an application from ANC6B@anc.dc.gov. The suggested request range for grants is between $5K and $15K. The final submission date is July 13.

Please note that in offering a grant project designed to address an emergency, ANC6B has said they are most interested in funding organizations with programs already in place — those who can use the grant funds immediately to accelerate their humanitarian efforts.

For additional information about the grant program please contact Commissioner Jerry Sroufe at 6B02@anc.dc.gov.

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