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Rally at Emancipation Monument Rescheduled for Friday

The group that announced the date and time that they would pull down the Emancipation Monument in Lincoln Park announced a change of plans on Wednesday.

The Freedom Neighborhood, an organization that describes itself as ‘a youth-led revolution for our generation,’ have instead scheduled an event for 6 p.m., Friday, June 26, working with Moechella and candidate for At-Large Council Marcus Goodwin.

The group held a protest at the monument Tuesday night. At that event, founder Glenn Foster said that the group would return to take the statue down on the following Thursday.

“THE EVENT IS ON FRIDAY NOW! As with every revolution things change on the fly,” organizers wrote on Instagram. “[S]o after much feedback from the community, and to ensure we are in the clear legally, we are putting on a rally for Friday at 6 p.m. in collaboration with Moechella and DC Council Candidate Marcus Goodwin!”

In his remarks on Tuesday, Foster said that the monument embodied white supremacy and the disempowerment of black people, adding that activists were done waiting for government to take it down.

See article on Tuesday’s protest here.

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