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The Unearthing Of A Buried Sin

“How Long, Not Long” –the phrase that rang out from the public speech Our God Is Marching On! delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. on the steps of the State Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama in 1965.

It was 55 years ago when Dr. King and Freedom Fighters combated peacefully the injustices of directly displayed by White Americans against Black Americans.

And, now, here today, a new decade, a new era —2020, and these same injustices persist. They haunt the lives of Black People.

Has America been “asleep” on these issues, or were these issues as one might logically think, just simply swept under the rug? Maybe they just keep a tight lid on it, failing to realize that soon the day would come that the truth we all know —and no one can deny, would cause a National eruption far greater than any volcanic eruption in the lifetime of human history.

Today, someone is asking “how long will it take,” for the injustices of America against Black People, be justly tried and Racism and Prejudices no longer blinding the minds of the people? Black lives, all lives being valued equally, and equity for not just some, but for ALL.

How long? For racism, in these United States — dysfunctional states; divided states — of America tolerated. How long? For the wealth gap in America to be no more? When will it close and cease being so drastically and shameful disproportionate?

It’s clearly seen by you and me. It’s economically frustrating, that Black Americans are stagnant. How long?

Because of COVID-19, people could not GET OUT! They did not get out to eat. They did not get out to play. They did not get out to work; BUT, They risk their lives to defend their human rights. They risk their lives to protect a future free of the diseases… racism and injustice. They risk their lives for social change, TODAY.

And, now we find ourselves at a tipping point, where change is happening. From protesting to the demand of solutions on this day. Generations of protestors of every race, religion, gender, and social class face the powers that be throughout these United States of America.

Dr. King’s message climax, delivered in 1965 on the steps of the State Capitol in Montgomery, held true then and couldn’t hold more true today: “They told us we wouldn’t get here. And there were those who said that we would get here only over their dead bodies, (Yes, Sir, said the people) but all the world today knows that we are here, and we are standing before the forces of power in the state of Alabama saying, “We Ain’t Gonna’ Let Nobody Turn Us Around.”

Justice For One. Justice For All.

Yvonne Wiggins is a Resident of Ward 7. Find her on Twitter @flavoredwords

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