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DC Protests: No Arrests Wednesday, No Curfew Thursday

There were no arrests by Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) on the sixth day of portests, said Chief Peter Newsham at a press conference June 4. He said there more tha 5,000 peaceful protesters were organized and peaceful. The Mayor said there will be no curfew the night of Thursday, June 4.

Newsham said that it appears there will be a very large protest in DC on Saturday, saying information suggests it may be one of the largest held in DC. But added that he expects it will be “more of the same: peaceful demonstraters coming to exercise their First Amendment rights in Washington, DC.”

Newsham said that Wednesday’s protests started earlier in the day. Multipe groups marched in different areas of the city Wednesday. There were no arrests despite the large numbers of participants, Newsham said, and no damage to MPD property or injuries to officers. Newsham said that he expected that protests would continue peacefully into the weekend.

Newsham asked that participants in protests try, as far as possible to wear masks and practice appropriate social distancing.

You can see full details on MPD arrests, including charges and states of residence for those arrested online at mpdc.dc.gov/page/may-june-2020-unrest-related-arrests-and-persons-interest

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