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Joselito Expands Offerings to Pantry Products

Joselito is selling TOILET PAPER? Now we’ve seen it all. We knew this coronavirus thing was getting weird—surreal–but this is a first.

Joselito de Comida, the charming Spanish restaurant down the street from our house, is now offering ‘a selection of essential food items and cleaning products (including toilet paper and paper towels) for pick-up contact free or delivery to your front door with a $20 delivery fee.’ That fee is waived for orders for more than $200. (Having endured long lines at nearby Trader Joe’s recently, we think this is an excellent idea.)

Joselito has already been offering a limited menu, as well as wine and cocktails. Items encompass paella (for two), hanger steak, whole or half roasted chicken, skate wing stew and soy-marinated duck breast. The other evening, Peter and I got bored with home cooking and decided to check out Joselito’s. We ordered the last two aforementioned items, and they did not disappoint. The skate (mild white fish) arrived in a savory broth, enhanced with a half dozen perfectly cooked mussels. Duck breast was moist and tender. The fowl was escorted by creamy rice and mushrooms, which tasted like risotto. Crisp arugula—accompanied by lemony salad dressing–rounded out our satisfying repast.

While we were picking up our order, we chatted with a Hispanic lady who raved about Joselito’s olive oil. Part of the grocery selection, a 32-ounce bottle is only $9. The Spanish oil goes beautifully with the freshly baked whole grain sourdough bread available down the street at Emilie’s (1101 Pennsylvania Ave. SE). We bought the olive oil and plan to try the bread very soon.

Joselito is located at 660 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; call 202-930-6955 or visit www.joselitodc.com.

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