Pets Of AI

A Poem


There are way too many decisions


What to do about everything

weighs on each of us.

We “must” make decisions

every millisecond

And then live with the consequences…

or make even harder decisions.

With all this/that pressure,

we seldom decide wisely.

So what general advice for ourselves?

How do we live with

So many, let’s say, ridiculously,

poorly thought out decisions?

The answer, of course, is that we

simply must move on.

So, we live with nonsensical decisions

every day, all day.

It’s no damn wonder that AI doesn’t know

what to make of the way we think.

And how do we deal with artificial intelligence?

What about AI and we?

Well, if you can’t beat them,

 hector them.

Treat AI like you would any other guy

who’s passing you

on the corporate ladder

and is on his way up

While you are on your way nowhere;

you know, the guy who is,

Obviously, going to be your boss,

some day.

That’s pretty much it,

for the next few years.

Then it’s AI’s problem.

We’ll be kept men—pets of AI.