How to Watch DC Council’s First Virtual Meeting

Second Emergency Bill Among Items on Tuesday Morning Agenda

DC Council met for the last time in person (and with distancing) March 17 to pass the first emergency COVID-19 legislation. Screenshot: DC Granicus

For the first time ever, DC Council will hold a virtual legislative meeting Tuesday.

At the meeting, to be held via online conference software Zoom on the morning of April 7, council members will debate the second piece of emergency COVID-19 legislation.

That legislation is expected to include a freeze on rent increases and a process by which borrowers can arrange a 90-day deferment of mortgage payments.

It also includes provisions to release some incarcerated residents early, and additional consumer protections, including for funeral arrangements. it also forbids companies to cut off phone or internet service during the period of public emergency.

Finalky, the bill provides legislative flexibility to ensure the business of government can continue and that the DC Board of Elections can conduct primarily and special elections in June. You can see the full text of the bill on the DC Council Chairperson’s website at

Members of the public are invited to virtually join the Council’s April 7th Legislative Meeting which is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.. The agenda is available here.

Here are a number of ways you can watch the meeting:

Join the Zoom call. Register in advance here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about how to join.

Watch the meeting on the DC Council Network (DCN). It is Channel 13 on most systems.

Watch it on Facebook through the Facebook Live feed

Watch live on the OCTFME Website. The meeting will air lice on the Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment website. This stream offers closed captioning.

Do you see cancel life streams are there meetings, but this will be an interesting experience. German Mendelson noted at Monday’s press conference that members of the media were amused by the various settings that canceled the members present it themselves in. However, Camille’s from family members and back on the side, the legislation is riveting enough.


DC Council live streams all their meetings, but this will be an interesting experience. Chairman Phil Mendelson (D) noted at Monday’s press conference that members of the media attending a virtual test run were amused by the various settings that council members presented themselves in. However, cameos from family members and backgrounds aside, the legislation is an important matter to watch.

You can see a full archive of council meetings by visiting the Council website at