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Hill Restaurants Offering Pick-Up and Delivery

At the end of a long day of tele-working, home-schooling, refereeing kids and trying to clean up the mess, the last thing you want to do is cook. While District restaurants have been closed for dine-in since March 16, you can still order food for delivery or pick-up –now including adult beverages. It’s a great way to support the neighbors that work at and own these community businesses!

Here’s a list of restaurants on the Hill offering delivery or take-out service, so you can support local while you eat.

A note: where possible, it’s nice to order food and beverages directly from the restaurant, either via telephone or through the website. Platforms such a UberEats, Doordash, Caviar and Postmates offer pick-up and delivery from restaurants that might otherwise be unable to provide it in-house, making business possible through the COVID-19 shutdown. They also charge a commission, separately negotiated for each restaurant, that can be anywhere from 15 to 30 percent and as high as 40 percent on each order. (While Uber Eats has waived the delivery fee for more than 100,000 local restaurants, that’s for the customer, not the restaurant. Caviar and Doordash recently merged and have waived commission on pick-up orders, and reduced commission for some independent restaurants).

Restaurants already operate on a low profit margin, usually around 6 percent. Ordering by phone or through the restaurant website can help reduce those fees by allowing the restaurant to take the order themselves and only pay a platform for delivery. Websites may also direct you to platforms with whom restaurants have the best arrangements.

If your favorite restaurant isn’t open, you can still support them with a gift card. Visit their website or select from the constantly updatign list of links compiled by DC Tech People (dctechpeople.com) at supportdc.com

Times are moving fast, so this information is subject to change. Check with your restaurant directly about hours, and to see how they’re doing!

Note: This list is simplified and updated from our first descriptive list. Did we miss someone? Email Leads@HillRag.com

Eastern Market/Pennsylvania Corridor/Barracks Row:

Scott sanitizes materials between pick-up orders at Tunnicliff’s Tavern (222 Seventh St. SE). Photo: R. Buhr

&Pizza andpizza.com (405 Eighth St. SE)

Aatish on The Hill www.aatishonthehill.com (609 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-733-5026)

Acqua al 2  www.acquaal2.com (212 Seventh St. SE, 202-525-4375, Next Day Orders)

Al’s Famous Delicatessen www.facebook.com/pages/Als-Famous-Delicatessen/ (1003 Eighth St. SE, 202-543-7662)

Barrel barreldc.com (613 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, e-mail orders to events@barreldc.com)

Belga Café belgacafe.com(514 Eighth St. SE, 202-544-0100)

Beuchert’s Saloon  BeuchertsSaloon.com (623 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-733-1384)

Bombay Street Food 2 www.bombaystreetfood.us (524 Eighth St. SE, 202-558-9506)

BullFrog Bagels Eastern Market www.bullfrogbagels.com (317 Seventh St. SE), 202-494-5615

Capitol Lounge www.capitolloungedc.com (231 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-547-2098)

Cava Mezze www.cavamezze.com/capitol-hill  (527 Eighth St. SE, 202-543-9090)

ChiKo www.chikodc.com (423 Eighth St. SE, 202-558-9934)

District Doughnut www.districtdoughnut.com (749 Eighth St. SE, 202-817-3196)

District Soul Food districtsoulfood.com (500 Eighth St. SE) 202-544-8882

District Taco districttaco.com (656 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-735-5649)

The Eastern www.easternwinebar.com (360 Seventh St. SE, 202-621-7950, robert@easternwinebar.com)

Emilie’s emiliesdc.com (1101 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-544-4368 FeedMe@emiliesdc.com)

Firehook www.firehook.com (215 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-684-7400)

Hype Cafe HypeCafeDC.com (1129 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-629-3046)

Joselito Casa de Comidas www.joselitodc.com (660 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-930-6955)

La Plaza Mexican Restaurant www.laplazadc.com (629 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-546-9512)

Las Placitas www.lasplacitasrestaurant.com (1100 Eighth St. SE, 202-543-3700)

Let’s Mix! Bibija! letsmixbbj.com (209 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-544-3049)

Lavagna www.lavagnadc.com (539 Eighth St. SE, 202-546-5006)

Little Pearl www.rosesrestaurantgroupdc.com (Carriage House at 921 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-618-1868)

Mangialardo’s www.mangialardos.com (1317 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-543-6212)

Market Lunch marketlunchdc.com (Eastern Market South Hall, 225 Seventh St. SE 202-547-8444 Cash Only. Order in person)

Matchbox www.matchboxrestaurants.com/capitol-hill 521 Eighth St. SE, 202-548-0369)

Mr. Henry’s Restaurant www.mrhenrysdc.com (601 Pennsylvania Ave SE) 202-546-8412

Nooshi Sushi www.nooshidc.com/location/capitol-hill (524 Eighth St. SE, 2nd Floor, 202-827-8832)

Peregrine Espresso peregrineespresso.com @JoeCoffeeApp (660 Pennsylvania Ave SE, 202-629-4381)

Pineapple & Pearls www.rosesrestaurantgroupdc.com (715 Eighth St. SE, 202-595-7375)

Prego Deli pregodeli.com (210 Seventh St. SE, 202-547-8686)

Radici Market www.radici-market.com (303 Seventh St. SE, 202-758-0086)

Rose’s at Home exploretock.com/rosesathome (Preorder by 11 a.m. day before; multi-night dinner delivery)

Rose’s Luxury www.rosesrestaurantgroupdc.com  (717 Eighth St SE, 202-580-8889)

Sanphan Thai sanphanthaicuisine.com (652 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202-544-9368)

Sushi Hachi www.sushihachidc.com (735 Eighth St. SE, 202-640-1881)

Sushi Capitol www.sushicapitol.com (325 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 202- 544-9888)

Szechuan House www.szechuanhousewashington.com (515 Eight St. SE, 2nd Floor, 202-546-5303)

Taco City DC tacocitydc.com (1102 Eighth St. SE, 202-629-4012)

Ted’s Bulletin www.tedsbulletin.com/location/capitol-hill (505 Eighth St. SE, 202-544-8337)

The Brig www.thebrigdc.com (1007 Eighth St. SE, 202-675-1000)

The Sweet Lobby www.sweetlobby.com (404 Eighth St. SE, 202-544-2404)

The Ugly Mug www.uglymugdc.com (723 Eighth St. SE, upstairs; 202-547-8459)

Torai Japanese Cuisine toraisushi.com (751 Eighth St. SE, 202-525-2053)

Tortilla Café www.tortillacafe.com (201 Seventh St. SE, 202-547-5700)

Trattoria Alberto www.trattoriaalbertodc.com (506 Eighth St. SE, 202-544-2007)

Trusty’s Full Serve www.trustysfullserve.com (1420 Pennsylvania Ave.SE, 202-547-1010)

Tunnicliff’s Tavern www.tunnicliffstavern.com (222 Seventh St. SE, 202-544-5680)

Valor Brewpub hwww.valorbrewpub.com (723 Eighth St. SE, downstairs; 202-547-8459)



The breakfast pizza at Union District Oyster Bar & Lounge. Photo: Celeste McCall

A.Litteri alitteri.com (517-519 Morse St. NE, 202-544-0183)

Albi Pub (offers meal kits & pantry items) www.albidc.com (237 Second St. NW, 202-347-2237)

Bistro Cacao bistrocacao.com (316 Massachusetts Ave. NE, 202-546-4737)

Buffalo & Bergen buffalobergendc.com/capitol-hill (240 Massachusetts Ave. NE, 202-525-3350)

Cafe Berlin cafeberlin-dc.com  (322 Massachusetts Ave. NE, 202-543-7656)

Café Bliss doordash.com (201 Massachusetts Ave. NE, 202-546-0500)

Café Fili Mediterranean www.cafefili.com (701 Second St. NE, 202-629-2816)

Carving Room Kitchen & Bar www.carvingroom.com (140 M St. NE, 202-962-3947)

Deli Italian Café www.facebook.com/adeliwashingtondc (1300 Second St. NE, 202-842-8045)

Peruvian Brothers www.peruvianbrothers.com/(in La Consecha Market at 1280 Fourth St. NE, 703-625-6473 info@peruvianbrothers.com)

Ebenezers Coffee House ebenezerscoffeehouse.com (201 F St. NE, 202-558-6900)

The Eleanor www.eleanordc.com (100 Florida Ave. NE, 202-758-2235)

Indigo Indian www.indigowdc.com (243 K St. NE, 202-544-4777)

Jacob’s Coffee House www.facebook.com/Jacobs-Coffee-House (401 Eighth St. NE, 202-507-8812)

King Street Oyster Bar kingstreetoysterbar.com (22 M St NE, 202-621-8513)

Laos in Town laosintown.com (250 K St. NW, 202-864-6620)

Manna Dosirak mannadosirak.com (409 15th St NE, 202-921-9456)

Old City Market www.oldcitymarketandoven.com (522 K St. NE, 202-544-0600)

Red Apron redapronbutchery.com (Union Market, 1309 Fifth St. NE, 202-524-6807)

Qualia Coffee qualiacoffeeroasters.com (Eckington Pl. at Harry Thomas Way NE in Gales Bld)

Red Bear Brewing Co. www.redbear.beer (209 M St. NE, 202-849-6130)

Rice Bar ricebardc.com (1300 Second St. NE, 202-682-2076)

Sandwiches by Phillip sandwichesbyphillip.com (440 First St. NW, 202-525-3602)

Seoulspice www.seoulspice.com (145 N St. NW, 202-817-6927)

Stellina Pizzeria www.stellinapizzeria.com (399 Morse St. NW, 202-851-3995)

Union District Oyster Bar & Lounge www.uniondistrictoysterbarlounge.com (501 Morse St. NE, 202-543-1474)

Union Kitchen Grocery unionkitchen.com/grocery (538 Third St. NE, 202-792-7850)

Union Market (1309 Fifth St. NE) unionmarketdc.com restaurants open inside:

Doubles, a popular Caribbean street snack at Cane (403 H St. NE)

H Street/Atlas District

&Pizza andpizza.com (1118 H St. NE)

Bab Korean www.babdc.com (1387 H St. NE, 202-399-8999)

Bieregarten Haus www.biergartenhaus.com (1355 H St. NW, 202-388-4053)

The Big Board (421 H St. NE) thebigboarddc.com 202-543-3630.

Bullfrog Bagels bullfrogbagels.com Atlas (1341 H St. NE) 202-388-3833

Butter Chicken Company www.usabutterchicken.com (500 H St. NE, 202-921-9750)

Cane (403 H St. NE) www.cane-dc.com 202-675-2011

Cava Chupacabra www.chupacabradc.com (822 H St. NE, 202-505-GOAT [4628])

CopyCat Co. Chinese Street Food www.copycatcompany.com (1110 H St. NE, 202-241-1952

Crown Fried Chicken doordash.com  (716 H St. NE, 202-546-6600)

Cusbah www.cusbah.com (1128 H St. NE, 202-506-1504)

Dangerously Delicious Pies See Pie Shop DC

Dio Wine Bar diowinebar.com (904 H St. NE, 202-506-3103)

Duffy’s Irish Pub (1016 H St. NE) dcduffys.com 202-463-WING (9464) online at the website

Ethiopic Restaurant www.ethiopicrestaurant.com (401 H St. NE, 202-675-2066)

Farewell www.eatfarewell.com (406 H St. NE, 202-468-2618)

Farmbird www.farmbird.com (625 H St. NE, 202-506-6778)

Fresca Taqueria frescadc.com (701 H St. NE, 202-544-1579)

The Haymaker Bar www.thehaymakerdc.com (1015 H St. NE, 202-399-0020)

IMM Thai (1360 H St. NE) immthai.com 202-748-5536.

Kitsuen (1362 H St. NE) www.kitsuenbar.com 202-914-2465

Le Grenier www.legrenierdc.com (502 H St. NE, 202-544-4999)

Maketto (1351 H St. NE) maketto1351.com 202-838-9972

Majors Carryout www.majorscarryout.com(714 H St. NE, 202-543-8866)

Nando’s Peri Peri nandosperiperi.com (411 H St. NE, 202-821-4155)

Pie Shop DC pieshopdc.com (aka Dangerously Delicious, 1399 H St. NE, 202-398-7437)

Pizza Walay www.pizzawalaymenu.com (504 H St. NE, 202-543-2600)

Po Boy Jim poboyjim.com (709 H St. NE, 202-621-7171)

Pow Pow www.eatpowpow.com (1253 H St. NE, 202-399-1364, no cash)

The Pursuit Wine Bar & Kitchen thepursuitwinebar.com (1025 H St. NE, 202-609-7420)

Rice Bar ricebardc.com (625 H St. NE), 202-758-2004)

Toki Underground www.tokiunderground.com (1234 H St. NE, 202-388-3086)

Sol Mexican Grill www.solmexicangrilldc.com (1251 H St. NW, 202-808-2625)

Sospeso Wine Bar sospesodc.com (1344 H St. NE, 202-594-3517)

Stable DC www.stabledc.com (1324 H St. NE, 202-733-4604)

Sticky Rice stickyricedc.com (1224 H St. NE, 202-397-7655)

Tony’s Place www.tonysplacedc.com (1401 H St. NW, 202-396-2482)

The Queen Vic http://www.thequeenvicdc.com/ (1206 H St. NE, 202-396-2001)


Navy Yard, Capitol Riverfront, Southwest

Image: AllPurposeDC/ Twitter

ABC Pony www.abcpony.com (2 I Street SE, 202-913-8155)

Agua 301 agua301.com (301 Water St. SE, 202-484-0301)

Albi https: albidc.com (1346 Fourth St. SE, 202-921-9592)

All-Purpose Pizzeria Capitol Riverfront allpurposedc.com (79 Potomac Ave SE, 202-629-1894)

Anchovy Social anchovysocial.com (221 Tingey St. SE, 202-249-6274)

Bethesda Bagels bethesdabagels.com/OrderOnlineNavyYard (120 M St. SE, 202-804-5548)

Bluejacket bluejacketdc.com (300 Tingey St. SE, 202-524-4862)

Bonchon Chicken bonchon.com (1015 Half St. SE, 202-488-4000)

Cava order.cava.com/stores/71/menu  (52 M St. SE, 202-536-2522)

Circa Bistro www.circabistros.com (99 M St. SE, 202-863-9900)

Cornercopia facebook.com/cornercopia (1000 Third St. SE, 202-525-1653)

Hatoba hatobadc.com (300 Tingey St. SE, 202-488-4800)

Dacha Beer Garden dachadc.com (79 Potomac Ave. SE, 202-350-9888)

Due South duesouthdc.com (301 Water St. SE, 202-479-4616)

El Bebe Tacos & Tequila www.el-bebe.com (99 M St. SE, 202-863-2323)

Hatoba hatobadc.com (300 Tingey St. SE, 202-488-4800)

Ice Cream Jubilee icecreamjubilee.com (301 Water St. SE and 1407 T St. NW) pint pick up. Credit card only. Call Water St. SE at 202-863-0727

Kruba Thai and Sushi krubadc.com (300 Water St. SE, 202-484-0234)

Lot 38 Espresso Bar facebook.com/pages/lot38espressobar (1001 Second St. SE, 202-758-0677)

Maialino Mare www.maialinomare.com (221 Tingey St. SE, 202-508-5249)

Oath Pizza oathpizza.com (110 M St. SE, 202-863-2000)

Osteria Morini osteriamorini.com/washington-dc (301 Water St. SE, 202-484-0660)

Rasa Grill www.rasagrill.com (1247 First St. SE, 202-804-5678)

Rice Bar ricebardc.com (409 Third St. SW, 202-488-1100)

Shake Shack www.shakeshack.com/location/navy-yard-washington-d-c (50 M St. SE, 202-769-5760)

Shilling Canning Co. http://shillingcanning.com/ (360 Water St. SE, 360 Water St. SE)

Slipstream slipstreamdc.com (82 I St. SE, 202-560-5095)

Walters Sports Bar (offering prepackaged groceries as Walters CSA) waltersdc.com (10 N St. SE, 202-499-3919)

The Wharf

Kaliwa’s version of Korean bibambap is a mélange of mushrooms, rice, vegetables and pickles. C. McCall

Canopy Central Bar and Café canopycentralcafeandbar.business.site (975 Seventh St. SW, 202-488-2500)

ChopSmith Salads & Bowls www.chopsmith.com (11 District Sq. SW, 202-554-5400)

Fish Market (1100 Maine Ave. SW)

Grazie Grazie Sandwich and Salad www.graziegrazie.com (85 District Sq. SW, 202-216-2999)

Kaliwa kaliwadc.com (751 Wharf St. SE, 202-516-4739)

Kirwan’s Irish Pub www.kirwansonthewharf.com (749 Wharf St. SW, 202-554-3818)

Lupo Marino www.lupomarinodc.com (40 Pearl St. SW, 202-506-1306)

Mi Vida Mexican mividamexico.com (98 District Sq. SW, 202-516-4656)

Officina DC www.officinadc.com (1120 Maine Ave. SW, 202-747-5222)

Pearl Street Warehouse www.pearlstreetwarehouse.com (33 Pearl St. SW, 202-380-9620)

Praline Bakery www.praline-bakery.com (965 Seventh St. SW, 202-484-0500)

Rappahannock Oyster Bar www.rroysters.com/restaurants/rappbaroysterwharf (1150 Maine Ave. SW, 202-484-0572)

Shake Shack www.shakeshack.com/location/wharf-washington-d-c (975 Wharf St. SW, 202-869-8345)

Southwest Soda Pop Shop & Ice Cream swsodapopshop.com (1142 Maine Ave. SW, 202-981-6999)

The Grill Steakhouse www.thegrilldc.com (99 Market Sq. SW, 202-916-5996)

Toastique Gourmet Juice and Toast www.toastique.co/ (764 Maine Ave. SW, 202-484-5200)

Union Pie Pizza www.unionstage.com/pizza (in Union Stage) (740 Water St. SW, 202-506-3329)

Whiskey Charlie whiskeycharliewharf.com (in Hilton) (975 Seventh St. SW, 202-488-2500)

This list is simplified and updated from our first descriptive list, which got a bit long but is still available here. Did we miss someone? Email Leads@HillRag.com 

Still Hungry? We compiled a list of MidCity restaurants on our sister site, MidCityDC.

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