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Book a Socially-Distanced Sidewalk Concert

CapitalBop has launched the CB Sidewalk Sessions — a series of distancing-appropriate pop-up concerts around D.C. You, or a group of your neighbors, can support a local artist while bringing live music back into your life, all without having to leave your porch.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, live-streams are seeking to replicate it. But nothing is quite the same as sitting in front of a musician as they improvise, sharing in the making of sound, said CapitalBop –and the CapitalBop team believes that the soul of our city needs live music to survive.

CapitalBop is piloting the CB Sidewalk Sessions: a series of live, socially-distanced mini concerts that serve to bring live music back into the streets. Maybe most importantly, they provide work opportunities for the brilliant musicians whose livelihoods have been decimated by the pandemic. The idea came from Baltimore’s Creative Alliance, who have been running their version of the series for about two weeks, with huge success.

Concerts last about 20 minutes and cost about $65. Musicians perform in front of the selected address from a safe distance. They won’t enter buildings, and will stop the show if  unsafe crows form (if people stand less than six feet apart).

Learn more, and see who’s playing, at our CB Shows page. Reserve your concert on the CapitalBop Sidwalk Session page.

Other Ways to Support Musicians

Capital Bop has turned their live music calendar into a livestream calendar for the duration of the shutdown. Tune in to artists’ shows over social media or dedicated streaming platforms, and pay or tip where you can.

You can also contribute to artist relief efforts, such as the new D.C. Area Jazz Musicians Benevolence Fund organized by D.C.’s “jazz church,” Westminster Presbyterian. You can also donate to the Capitol Hill Jazz Foundation, which hasn’t yet established a discrete fund at the moment but is distributing aid to their house band musicians, or the DC Legendary Musicians relief fund, which assists members of that organization.


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