Sephora Boards Up Eastern Market Location

Precaution Taken at all Stores

Workers board up the windows at Sephora Studio (330 Seventh St. SE) the morning of Friday, March 20. many businesses feared looting as non-essential businesses were compelled to close. Photo: R. Buhr

Workers were seen boarding up the Sephora Studio store (330 Seventh St. SE) near Eastern Market the morning of Friday, March 20. Popville first noted the closure Monday morning, expressing light-hearted anxiety at the sight.

A spokesperson for Sephora said that similar precautions were being taken at all their retail outlets. To adapt to the rapidly changing situation related to coronavirus, Sephora has closed all of their stores across the U.S and Canada until Friday, April 3rd.

“In accordance with our protocols for temporary store closures, we have standardized precautions to protect our properties across North America,” the spokesperson said. “Our goal is to ensure a great experience for our clients when we have the opportunity to re-open our stores.”

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