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grOH! Offers Virtual Playdates for Preschoolers

Parents all over the Hill are looking for ways to keep their littles engaged through the increased indoor time brought on by the need to social distancing. One way they have coped is through virtual play dates, either between friends, or hosted online play dates that add education to virtual socialization.

To fill that need, grOH! Playrooms will continue to offer their Virtual Play Time sessions. They’re also adding Early Literacy Storytime for the littlest learners until March 31. Sign up at www.grohplayrooms.com

grOH! Playrooms is an Educational Design Firm specializing in play spaces for home and office. But the self-described ‘child-development nerds’ behind the company are reaching back into their teaching past to support families around the country who want personalized, interactive and quality educational, content expertly designed for 2- to 5-year-olds.

Co-founder Anne Gillyard has an M.Ed in early childhood development and curriculum writing and will host the sessions.

All classes are based on the latest research in how children’s brains develop. Each experience is interactive. Gillyard will learn the names of children, call attention to what they’re doing and ask them questions.

Morning Playtime Sessions begin at 10 a.m. EST. These are 30 minutes of play time designed around a single, real world topic, like bugs, trees, or trains. Gillyard will use play (and silliness) to guide your child through learning some big ideas about every day topics.

Afternoon Storytime Sessions begin at 12:30 p.m. EST. These are 20 minutes of play time around a story. Gillyard will use play (and more silliness) to explore a book and teach Early Learning Skills while developing a love of reading.

Classes are donation based!
You can also purchase a pass to get access to all classes (play times and story times) as well as extension activities and recordings of each class (repetition is amazing for little brains!).

grOH! is also available for consultation via phone to help families navigate school closures because of COVID19. The experts can help you manage space, toys, or playtime. Go online and download a Toddler Play Guide for ideas of what and how to play with your little during this time.

Classes will continue through March 31. Learn more about grOH! by visiting grOHPlayrooms.com Register for virtual sessions by visiting grOHPlayrooms/virtual-playdates

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