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Two Positive Coronavirus Tests at Children’s National

A spokesperson for Children’s National confirmed Monday that one of their physicians has tested positive for COVID-19.

Another patient treated in the hospital emergency department (ED) also tested positive for COVID-19. The ED team followed all infection control protocols to protect other patients, families and staff and the child did not need to be admitted.

In addition to the main hospital and ER at 111 Michigan Ave. NW, Children’s National operates 19 primary care locations in the District and Maryland, including locations on Capitol Hill as well as in Shaw and Anacostia.

A spokesperson said that Children’s National was not able to specify in what practice the physician worked because of privacy laws, but said that leaders would directly communicate with any staff or families who may have been in contact with the person who tested positive.

“We will work with our occupational health department and our infectious disease specialists to determine the appropriate next steps,” she said. “Anyone impacted will have the organization’s support. She said the response follows guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The spokesperson said that since the COVID-19 outbreak began, a team of Children’s National leaders has met multiple times a day.

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