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Rock & Roll Hotel Suddenly Closes

Rock & Roll Hotel announced that they would close immediately in a Tweet Monday, March 2.

“We ❤️ You DC!” The text read, accompanied by what appeared to be a statement.

All shows and events are cancelled, the text added. The Tweet was not shareable at the time of publication.

The statement cited rising operating costs, an increase in the number of music venues, and decreasing bar and ticket sales.

Screenshot of Tweet from @rocknrollhotel

“While Rock & Roll Hotel did all we could to adjust with the times, it was not enough to stay afloat, and hence, we sadly join a growing number of small businesses and music venues by closing our doors permanently.”

In September 2019, rumors circulated that the venue would close at the end of 2019, rumors that were ‘false and uninformed’ according to owners, who held their annual New Years Party in January 2020.

In the statement accompanying the tweet, the 14-year-old venue asked those who feel sad, disappointed or angry to stay positive and support the small businesses and music venues in the District.

The Rock and Roll Hotel website has been wiped clean, aside from the statement, appearing to confirm the Tweet. Hill Rag has reached out to ownership to confirm this information and will update this story once a reply is received.

This is a developing story.

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