Buzzard Point Park Improvements Approved


The National Park Service (NPS) has settled on a plan to improve the park along the Anacostia River.

The new Buzzard Point Park will feature an accessible waterfront, more open space and recreational opportunities. The plan extends the Anacostia Regional Trail through the park as a multi-use trail for walking, running and cycling. It re-purposes the Matthew Henson Center as a community gathering space, and creates a play area for children and elevated lawns to view the river and Capitol.

Most importantly, the plan creates a dock for visitors who wish to access the park from the river, removing overgrown vegetation and remnant concrete or asphalt pads. As part of these improvements, NPS will install a stone riprap along the length of the seawall in the Anacostia River to reinforce and protect the seawall from erosion and storm surge while beautifying the shoreline and providing access to the river.