ANC Commissioner Clark Steps Down

6B09 Representative Says March Her Final Meeting

ANC 6B09 Commissioner Kasie Clark announced Feb. 11 that March would be her last meeting as commissioner. Photo: Courtesy Kasie Clark

At the February 11th meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6B, Commissioner Kasie Clark (6B09) announced that March would be her last full ANC meeting as representative for her Single Member District.

Clark said that after years of living on the Hill, she was saddened to stepping down in order to relocate with her husband, an Army officer who was deployed in Afghanistan during the election.

Kasie Clark was uncontested in the November 2018 race to represent SMD 6B09, formerly served by Daniel Ridge. She currently serves as Program Director at College to Congress, a DC nonprofit where she works directly with low-income, high achieving students who serve as a voice for their community by interning in congressional offices.

Clark said she was honored to have been the 6B09 commissioner and to have served with ANC 6B. She said she has enjoyed getting to know and representing her neighbors through the ANC.

“I’ve met amazing people during this time,” Clark said. “I absolutely commend the commissioners and community leaders that have come before me and those who will continue after. Their leadership in advocating and communicating for the community has been inspiring.”

If there are multiple candidates, an election will be held for the 6B09 seat. An uncontested candidate will claim the seat. Candidates must be qualified electors who live in SMD 6B09 for 60 days before they file, and hold no other elected office.

ANC 6B09 lies between Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Avenue SE , Congressional Cemetery and 19th Street SE (near the DC Central Facility). You can find your ANC SMD online.

Clark said she would be pleased to speak with anyone considering a run for the position about the role. For the next month, you can reach her via email at

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