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First District Issues Safety Tips

Metropolitan Police Department First District is working to reverse recent crime concerns experienced in the First District, said Commander Morgan Kane, including upticks in burglaries, thefts in retail establishments, and robberies of victims on the street.

Citing the spirit of working together to keep our communities safe, Kane has issued a few reminders from the First District patrol team on MPD list servs, shared here for the community.

Preventing Burglaries

Kane said that officers have seen a slight uptick over the past few weeks centered on businesses along the H Street corridor and in residential neighborhoods.  Kane said that residential burglaries have, in some cases, centered on individuals entering through unlocked doors or windows.

She suggests that when residents are not home or asleep, they try to make their homes look occupied and difficult to get in.  Ensure doors and windows are locked when leaving and when retiring to sleep, have a security system that is armed, and take advantage of the camera rebate program and ensure the cameras are functioning and recording.

Consider utilizing dead-bolt type locks on exterior doors as well as placing a wooden pole or broom handle in sliding glass door tracks to keep the sliding door from opening.  You can also place lights on a timer, or leave a radio or television on if the home will be empty for a long time.

If out of town, please arrange to have mail and/or newspapers held or picked up by a neighbor until your return.  To help deter rear entry burglaries or to make them easier to spot, please consider leaving a porch and back yard light on during hours of darkness.

Deterring Theft

There has also been an uptick in thefts of packages delivered to homes.  Kane suggests residents coordinate a delivery time as well as possible, ask a neighbor to keep an eye out and secure packages until you are able to retrieve it, and, if possible, put an object outside that delivery personnel can use to hide packages so they aren’t left in plain view and easily accessible.

Be Aware

The commander said that officers have been called by victims of many robberies that center on the snatching of a cell phone from one’s hand.  “As we all enjoy utilizing our cell phones to work, chat or pass the time as we navigate through our day, please do not do this while you are walking,” she said. “If using your headphones, air pods, earbuds or any other audio device, please do so at a level that allows you to hear what is going on around you.” She suggests that people also travel in groups, avoid poorly lit areas, and trust instincts.   Please maintain awareness of your surroundings and don’t appear distracted.

Kane said that MPD officers will continue to work to improve safety. “Of course public safety is a police responsibility and we will continue to treat it as such,” she said. “However, we look forward to the continued partnership with the community to keep our neighborhoods safe. “

You can find more information on the camera rebate program at https://ovsjg.dc.gov/page/private-security-camera-rebate-program.

If you observe an area in which lights are out or not sufficient, please make a notification and submit a service request via our 311 system.  Learn how to download the app at https://ouc.dc.gov/page/dc311-mobile-app.

You can email the Commander at morgan.kane@dc.gov.  A list of MPD area management officials can be found at https://mpdc.dc.gov/page/first-district-roster.  If you don’t know your police district, you can find it here. Find and join your MPD list serv at /mpdc.dc.gov

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