New Owners at Eastern Market Pottery

After forty years of ownership, Chuck Brome sold Eastern Market Pottery on Jan. 1. Photo: C. Burger

The Eastern Market Pottery studio was sold effective January 1st. New owners Sarah Buffaloe and Eric Hanson spent time renovating the shop over the holidays but say they will continue with business as usual.

“We are not going to change the major structural things like classes. But we are going to have more workshops,” said Buffaloe.


Asked why she bought the business, which had been operated for more than forty years by Chuck Brome, Buffaloe said, “I have been coming here for nine years and it became a really special place for me. We want to preserve this space for the local potters. We want to keep this place going and keep it special.”

The entrance to Eastern Market Pottery (225 7th St SE, Unit 9), is located at the south end of the Market building. Visit the website at