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Union Pub Announces Campaign for President

Union Pub announced Tuesday that they have decided to run for president of the United States of America as the Cocktail Party candidate.

“For twenty-five years, Capitol Hill’s Union Pub (“U.P.”) has served the people (21 years and older)… alcohol… on both sides of the aisle, the middle of the aisle, and those with no aisle whatsoever, and it has become evident that U.P. has the experience, the right stuff, and the good stuff, to unite our country more effectively than any other candidate in the field,” the Hill establishment said in a press release.

The pub has launched its own campaign website at https://www.unionpub2020.com/ , and announced the release of Union Pub’s very own “Presidential Pilsner” in collaboration with Heavy Seas Beer.

U.P. will also don a new look, gradually adding Union Pub 2020 decor to its “Campaign Headquarters” throughout the next few weeks as it prepares for a year-long line-up of campaign events.

Courtesy UnionPub2020

The first campaign event is an ‘Iowa Caucuses State Fair Party,’ scheduled to take place Monday, Feb. 3 from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. The pub will serve fair fare including corndogs, funnel cake fries, and fried eats, while showing coverage of the Iowa Caucuses on television. Attendees of the kick-off party will be the first to have access to Union Pub 2020 campaign buttons, yard signs, and shirts.

The following day, Union Pub 2020 will host a ‘State of the Union Pub’ watch party and provide a companion drinking game. On March 3rd, the campaign will host ‘Super Tuesday Boozeday’ from open to close, showing coverage of the returns, and offering drink specials all day.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign celebrates 25 years of uniting Americans through good food and fun. In 1995, the establishment opened as the Red River Grill, reopening in 2005 as Union Pub.

You can see the full calendar of Union Pub 2020 campaign events on the website, https://www.unionpub2020.com/

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