School Swing Space Plan Abandoned

ANC 6A Report – December 12, 2019


Vice Chair Phil Toomajian (6A02) called the Advisory Neighborhood 6A meeting to order at Miner Elementary School, 601 15th St. NE, with Commissioners Mike Soderman (6A03), Brian Alcorn (6A08), Ruth Ann Hudson (6A05), Marie Claire Brown (6A01), Sondra Phillips-Gilbert (6A07) and Commissioner Stephanie Zimny (6A06) present. Chairwoman Amber Gove (6A04) was absent.

Unexpected Change of Plans from DCPS
Vice Chair Toomajian and members of the community shared their experiences from a recent public meeting held by representatives from D.C. Public School (DCPS) discussing the future planned swing space (temporary housing for a school) in northeast DC. DC had set aside $8 million to construct this site and in 2018 DCPS had presented sites under consideration. This year, however, it seems that DCPS has scrapped the plan all together. Vice Chair Toomajian along with community members, many of who are parents of children in DC public schools, expressed great confusion and frustration at this unexpected change, specifically DCPS’s lack of transparency in how this decision came to be. According to those who attended the meeting, At the meeting, representatives from DCPS provided very few details as to why the plan had been abruptly stopped and what will happen to affected students in the future. As a result of this open conversation, the Commissioners voted to send a letter to, among others, Mayor Bowser and the Deputy Mayor of Education, the Chancellor of DCPS, Council member Charles Allen and all DC Council members identifying the need for a swing space in Northeast DC, requesting specific details for how DCPS will accommodate students if a swing space is not eventually built and a request that DCPS allow public comments on these plans.

Alcohol Beverage Liscencing (ABL) Committee
Mr. Nick Alberti, Co-Chair of the ABL Committee reported that the settlement agreement with Biergarten Haus at 1355 H Street NE has been signed.           

  1. ANC 6A will take no action on license renewal application for the following establishments: McKenzie Group, LLC t/a Ocean Lounge (ABRA-114106); Besoke1337, LLC t/a Hill Prince at 1337 H St NE (ABRA-104782); On the Rocks, LLC t/a On the Rocks at 1242 H St NE (ABRA-106695); Red & Black, LLC t/a 12 Twelve DC/Kyss Kyss at 12101212 H St NE (ABRA-072734); Fernado Postigo t/a Sol Mexican Grill at 1251 H St NE (ABRA-092192); Felix Restaurant Group, LLC t/a The Pursuit at 1025 H St NE (ABRA-113810); Truth DC 78, LLC t/a Truth DC 78 at 1220 H St NE (ABRA-108602); The Pug LLC, t/a The Pug/Toki Underground at 1234 H St NE (ABRA073166); Rock and Roll Hotel, LLC t/a Rock N Roll Hotel at 1353 H St NE (ABRA072777).
  2. ANC 6A will take no action on the substantial change application for a class change from CR (Restaurant) to a CT (Tavern) license from Dangerously Delicious DC, LLC at 1339 H St NE (ABRA-087422) if the licensee files a change of hours application with ABRA by December 12, 2019 and otherwise protest the application if the application for changes of hours has not been submitted.

Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month at the Sherwood Recreation Center on the corner of 10th and G Streets NE. 

Transportation and Public Space (TPS) Committee

  1. ANC 6A will send a letter to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) regarding DDOT’s response to ANC 6A’s pedestrian safety priority list, specifically item #4, requesting additional speed humps on the unit to 400 blocks of 10th Street NE with a minimum of two humps on the 200 block of 10th Street NE.
  2. ANC 6A will send a letter to DDOT requesting that trucks be restricted from using both 9th and 10th Streets NE, between Maryland Avenue and East Capitol Street NE.

Meetings are held on at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month at Capitol Hill Towers, 900 G St. NE (photo ID required).

Economic Development and Zoning (EDZ) Committee

  1. ANC 6A will send a letter of support to the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) for special exceptions from the lot occupancy requirements to construct a second floor addition to an existing accessory building at 803 Maryland Avenue, NE (BZA 20171) to accommodate an apartment in the MU-4 Zone provided that the applicant provide sign-off of Green Area Ratio (GAR) compliance either through cite of DC regulations or via an advisory letter from zoning administrator or from the BZA and make best efforts to obtain letters of support from both adjacent neighbors and the neighbors directly across the alley.

New Business
Commissioner Hudson moved that the ANC send a letter to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) to delay the granting of certain raze permits until specific requirements are met. These will include the developer of the project meeting with surrounding neighbors, permits being clearly posted on the job site, sharing sufficient details about the project with neighbors and providing ample protection of the adjoining properties.

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