Ship Donated Items for Free

Give Back Box Offers Way to Give to Charity and Reuse Shipping Materials


It’s the end of the holidays, and many of us are ready to purge our homes of the things we no longer need –as well as the ubiquitous cardboard boxes in which some of it was delivered. Did you know you can solve both these problems at once with Give Back Box?

Founded in 2012 by online retailer Monika Wiela, the non profit program is designed to prevent items like clothing, shoes and drapery from ending up in landfills. With the rise of online shopping, Wiela reasoned that the shipping materials used in shopping could be also be used a second time to donate items to local charities. The charities then recycle the boxes in which donations are received.

Give Back Box partners with major online retailers, including Amazon, Overstock, Ann Taylor or Nordstrom, among others. So put the used boxes back together, and fill them. Then, download a label online from Labels are free (unless you want to select a sepcifi, and you can schedule a free package pick up if you don’t have the time to drop off. The box should weigh less than 70 pounds and have a combined length and girth of less than 108 includes.

You can send any household item, including clothing, toys shoes and jewelry. Items are eligible for a tax deduction receipt.

There is also a special LEGO® Replay program, which allows families to donate used LEGO® bricks to kids who might otherwise not get the chance to play with the noted construction toys.

Items are donated to a local participating charity that is matched to your donation using your zip code. It is then used to help raise money for these community-based programs.

Learn more about Give Back Box and participating retailers by visiting