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A Look Back at 2019 on the Hill

2019 was another great year on the Hill. Residents came together to celebrate, support and help one another. We welcomed many new businesses, notably the Eastern Wine Bar and Kevin Tien’s Emilie. We celebrated life together with John ‘Peterbug’ Matthews and Joseph ‘Joe’ Cwiklinski, who were both assisted by their neighbors after suffering heart attacks in the spring and summer.

We also planned for the future, working together throughout the year on the design for the Eastern Market Metro Plaza Park Project, construction on which is expected to begin in February, 2020.

The Hill Rag has been honored to be a part of the community and to tell its stories for the past 43 years. We want to offer everyone our best wishes for a safe, happy and positive 2020!

We are looking forward to sharing more stories of the people, places and events that make the Hill a great little village in the New Year.

All photos by Elizabeth O’Gorek/CCN unless otherwise noted. Reach out with your questions, comments or story ideas this year! Email Liz@HillRag.com

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