St Jerome Institute

St. Jerome Institute students working together. The school is a classic text-focused high school in the Catholic tradition.

St. Jerome Institute (SJI), an independent liberal arts high school located in Ward 5 on Perry Street, N.E., began the second quarter of its inaugural school year last month. Students have been busy reading the Aeneid, studying Greek pottery, wrestling with Euclidean geometry, tracking Germanic invasions in the 5th Century and memorizing the first lines of the Odyssey in Ancient Greek. SJI is a classic text-focused, high school in the Catholic tradition.

In Natural Philosophy, students have begun to learn about observing animal behavior leading up to Adventure Day at the Pickering Creek Audubon center where the students studied bird migration patterns. Students have been eager to get involved in extracurricular offerings of tennis, archery, ultimate frisbee, Greek, troubadour traditions, chess, ping-pong, swing dance, combative movements and fly-fishing.

St. Jerome Institute is located at 1800 Perry St., N.E. For more information visit, call 240-418-5427 or contact Bill Murray at – Bill Murray.