Northeast Stars Montessori Preschool Gratefulness and Giving Back

Student writes a note as part of the “Hand of Hope” Child Fund Program.

The Northeast Stars Montessori (NES) Preschool students have been learning about the colonial days of America with a focus on gratefulness and giving back.

During the season of gratitude, the classroom discussion topics included what it means to be grateful. These conversations allowed the children to understand why NES helps children far away through the Child Fund Program. The students have created wonderful projects to demonstrate kindness and care to children overseas.

One of the projects was “Hand of Hope” cards using paint, construction paper and individual hand prints to make the front of the cards. With help from the teachers, the children wrote a personalized message of encouragement inside the cards. The “Hand of Hope” cards are part of the care packages assembled to send to children sponsored by the NES Child Fund Program.

The children learned about colonial times including farming the land and growing and harvesting food. They learned that toys were handmade using items including hay and yarn. As part of the study, the students used colored yarn to make dolls. They had a superb time creating the dolls using their fine motor skills.

The children listened to folk tales that teach about seeing a person’s character instead of their appearance.

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– Chaka Alexander.