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Tyler Elementary School Spirit

This autumn saw Tyler’s students demonstrating school spirit through their creativity and talents. On October 25, the school community enjoyed energetic Hispanic Heritage Day performances by all grade levels, in many cases featuring traditional costumes and choreography.

Tyler celebrated Halloween as the inaugural Vocabulary Word Day. Students dressed up as a vocabulary word whose meaning they could define and demonstrate. Among those spotted in the halls and classrooms were a president, a fearless firefighter, a waffle, a taco, baseball champions and plenty of superheroes.

In November, Tyler’s kindergarteners became the stars of a community helper-themed “wax museum.” Students and families worked together to prepare costumes and short speeches describing the roles of firefighters, teachers, police and medical professionals, among others. When the classroom museum doors opened, family visitors found students, dressed up and standing still as wax figures, ready to recite a description of their community helper roles.

On November 23, Tyler held its annual Harvest Festival, featuring pumpkin painting, a petting zoo and a magic show, among other activities.

John Tyler Elementary is located at 1001 G ST SE. Visit www.tylerelementary.net to learn more or connect on Twitter: @TylerTigersDC; www.instagram.com/john_tyler_elementary/. – Beth Ibish.

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