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Hundreds Rally for Impeachment Wednesday

Bundled in scarves and coats, about 500 people gathered at the Capitol Building Wednesday morning, waving signs and chanting “Impeach and remove!”

The protest was one of about 600 planned across the country by groups such as Moveon and groups coming out of the Women’s March, including March On. The bulk of the protests were scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 17, with the Capitol Hill protest was the only one to take place the day of the vote, planned to be one of the last things representatives would see before they cast their ballots.

Democrats voted two articles of impeachment, arguing that Trump ‘solicited the interference’ of Ukraine in the the 2020 election by asking them to investigate Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. The elder Biden is currently running for Democratic candidate for president. The are also arguing that Trump ‘directed the defiance of subpoenas issued by the House in the investigation.

The House voted to approve both articles, voting 230-197 to charge him with abuse of power. Hawaiian Democrat Tulsi Gabbard cast her vote as ‘present’. The charge of obstruction of Congress, was endorsed by a vote of 229-198.

Now, the articles move on to the Senate for a trial process. Senate rules dictate that the matters must be considered the day after the articles are received. Impeachment requires 67 Senate votes, and Republicans control the chamber with a 53-47 majority.

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