Fitness Rules on H Street

14+ years serving the community--locally owned and chain free. Hot Yoga Capitol Hill, NOW offering heated and non-heated Yoga, Hot Pilates, Barre, Piyo, HIIT, Trainings, Workshops, Retreats and other classes/programs/services. Special $39 unlimited month membership for new students.

If you live near H Street, NE you have no excuse for not working out. Exercise studios of all kinds line the 14 blocks from the Kaiser Building to Bladensburg Rd. There’s just about as much variety and diversity among fitness studios as there is among restaurants on the H Street corridor.

In case you haven’t strolled or driven down the block recently, I’ve compiled a list of the fitness opportunities awaiting.

Yoga on H
Three yoga studios are located in a one block radius from one another. Hot Yoga Capitol Hill at 410 has been on H Street for 14 years. It started out as a Bikram Yoga Studio, but has diversified its class offerings to include other classes such as hot Pilates, children’s programs and non-heated classes. Log onto: for more information. 

Yoga District at 500 is dedicated to making yoga accessible to all through a variety of yoga class types from vinyasa flow to restorative. Classes focus on coordinating breath with body movement to promote flexibility, strength and peace of mind. For more information log onto:

CorePower Yoga at 501, which opened this past summer, is the newest member of the yoga community on H Street. Its yoga classes infuse the intensity of a workout with the mindfulness of a yoga class. The H Street CorePower Yoga location offers its signature CorePower Yoga class level 2 and Yoga sculpt classes. For more information log onto:, or call 202-640-2427.

Find Your Fitness Specialty
CrossFit DC at 1365 and Old City CrossFit at 1007 are both part of the CrossFit affiliate program that gives participants an intense workout that combines a variety of functional movements. Exercises are traditional such as pull ups, push-ups, running, rowing and weightlifting., 202-780-0309 or, 202-804-5944.

DC Pilates at 526B is the only Pilates studio on H and has reformer classes as well as classical mat classes and abs and back classes., 202-543-4600.

Election Cycle DC is the H Street corridor’s only cycling studio at 1108. Women-owned and run, Election Cycle promotes not only fitness but also camaraderie, community and acceptance. Their standard 50-minute beat-driven cycling class is called Political Party. The studio also offers several variations of classes including an express 40-minute lunchtime spin., 202-412-3355.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at 810 H St. NE. Photo: Lyndsey Caulkins

Integrity of Self Movement Arts, (ISMA) 1361 H St., is a fitness studio that works with kids from 18 months old to seniors who want to benefit from fitness, relaxation and strengthening techniques. ISMA core disciplines include, breathing, skeletal awareness, balance, Labanotation, and energy dynamics.  For information about classes: or email: or (202) 215-9212.  For in for Capital Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the latest venture of Sean Emery, owner of old City CrossFit. Sean says his martial arts classes are for everyone. “We empower people,” he says. “We teach survival skills and teach ways to use leverage, position and technique as opposed to power and speed to control another body in a fight.” Students can improve balance, flexibility and self-esteem and learn in a safe environment. To try a class log onto:

Information about classes: or email: or (202) 215-9212.

LaGree DC – I got to sit in on a class at LaGree DC at 1383 and I loved what I witnessed. Ten megaformers fill the studio at LaGree. If you have ever used a Pilates reformer you’ll recognize the similarity immediately. There’s a reason why Sebastien LaGree created the megaformer about 10 years ago in Los Angeles. He noticed after Pilates students would often do cardio to balance out their workouts. He wanted to be able to get it all in one workout. LaGree Fitness is a full body workout that combines strength, cardio, circuit training and stretching into an intense, non-impact exercise experience for all ages and level of fitness. It’s an intense workout done at a slow, safe pace with fast transitions. Co-owners Kathleen Crowley and Ada Loo, who are long-time DC residents, are celebrating a year on H Street this month.

Orange Theory Fitness, one of the fastest growing franchises in the country, has found a home at 609. I wrote about its fitness philosophy when it first came to southeast near Nats Park. It’s an intense cardio, core and strength workout. For more information log onto: hstreet.orangetheoryfitness, 202-991-5898.

Fitness using the Megaforner at LaGree DC at 1383 H St.

Physicality DC at 1371 offers classes and personal training focused on building strength and improving flexibility. Their method draws from disciplines such as martial arts, weightlifting and gymnastics. Check out: or (202) 672-3132.

In case your work out tastes tend to crave more variety, rumor has it that Equinox, a big box gym founded in New York City in the 1990s, is coming to the 900 block of H Street in the new huge mixed-use building that spans the entire block. Another fitness studio Solid Core is planning on settling in that location as well.

If none of those fitness experiences sparks your interest, just around the corner from H on 2nd St., NE are three more exercise studios. Barre 3, Nuboxx Boxing, and Madabolic are all in the 700 block.

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Pattie is a certified functional aging specialist who works with baby boomers. She will be moving her fitness business to the Delaware beach. Pattie offers private health/fitness evaluations and recommendations in person and affordable personal training sessions via Skype. You can contact Pattie at: