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Grosso Not Running in 2020

Councilmember David Grosso announced Tuesday that he will not be seeking a third term in office in the 2020 election.

Grosso is one of two independents on the DC Council (the other is At-Large Councilmember Elissa Silverman), and is currently Chair of the Council’s Education Committee. One of the more progressive councilmembers, he has introduced or supported legislation such as the Universal Paid Leave Act and the Fair Elections Act of 2017 but voted to overturn Initiative 77.

Grosso said that he never intended to serve more than two terms when we was elected in 2012. “I have always believed at my core that holding the same seat for too long is not good for the office, it’s not good for the institution, and it’s not good for Democracy,” he said in an open letter announcing his decision. “I have decided not to seek a third term in 2020 and to pass the baton to the next generation of progressive leaders.”

Two people have already filed papers to run for the At-Large seat in 2020, including Chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission Chander Jayaraman, Ward 8 State Board of Education Representative Markus Batchelor. DCist reported that Christina Henderson, a former staffer for the council’s education committee who currently works for Chuck Schumer has indicated she intends to run.

Grosso has not indicated what’s next for him. There are still 14 months remaining in his term. Learn more about David Grosso by visiting his website at davidgrosso.org

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