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Working Group on Hill East Public Safety Meets Wednesday

To respond to community concerns voiced at last month’s meeting of the First District Citizen’s Advisory Council (CAC), there will be a Working Group on Public Safety in Hill East on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

The working group aims to address concerns expressed about assaults, juveniles and juvenile prosecution in Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Police Serve Areas (PSAs) 106, 107 and 108.

Invited participants include DC Attorney General Karl Racine (unconfirmed as of press time), DC Superior Court Social Services, the Office of Councilmember Charles Allen, 1st District Crime Victim’s Office and MPD Community Outreach.

These participants will address concerns in regard to juvenile prosecution, juvenile court supervision, case management of personal incidents and ways to help beyond arrests.

At the meeting, MPD Commander Morgan Kan will report on crime and violence. The Mayor’s Office of Community Resources and Services (MOCRS) will also be in attendance and outreach will be available to engage residents and business as well as to provide additional information.

The meeting takes place from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6 at Payne Elementary School (1445 C St. SE).

For more information on the Citizen’s Advisory Council, visit www.1dac.com or email caconlineall@gmail.com. Find your District or PSA by visiting https://mpdc.dc.gov/page/police-districts-and-police-service-areas

Remember you can sign up to receive notices from your District MPD list serv, which were recently moved from Yahoo to Google Groups. The groups provide crime reports by PSA as well as providing detailed information and a forum for community discussion and communication with officers.

Those who want to receive notifications from the list should first join Google Groups (a gmail account is not necessary), then go to the relevant MPD District Group (most of the Hill is in the First and Fifth Districts) and click ‘join group’.

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