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Women Chases Down Phone Thief Sunday

At about 6:45 pm. The evening of Sunday, June 23 a woman was walking on the 600 block of E St. NE when her cell phone was snatched from her hand. The robber ran away, but he couldn’t outrun the victim.

According to the Washington Post, she pursued the suspect down Seventh Street NE to Acker Place and down an alley, with witnesses joining her on the way. Police said an officer noticed them near Seventh and F Street NE.

“By the time our officers caught up to them, the victim had caught up to the Suspect (who had tired from running) and had retrieved her cell phone,” wrote First District Captain Jonathon Durrough on the First District List Serv. “The 16-year-old suspect was placed under arrest for Robbery.”

The victim got her phone back. There were no injuries, although the suspect was evidently quite out of breath.

Victims of crimes are generally not advised to chase suspects.

The case is being investigated by MPD Detectives. Investigators can be reached at (202) 299-2025, should you have any information about the incident.  Alternatively, information can be forwarded to investigators by contacting the Metropolitan Police Department’s Command Information Center at (202) 727-9099 or the Text Tip Line by texting 50411.

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