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Ward 6 Dems Vote on Bylaws, Elect Officers

The Ward 6 Democrats Biennial Convention was successfully conducted Saturday, June 22, with elections of officers and a vote on the by-laws taking place.

A quorum was reached shortly after 10:15 a.m., when Chuck Burger kicked off the meeting with a welcome, a summary of recent Ward 6 Dems activities, and a preview of events and plans for the coming months.

Councilmember Allen Speaks

Burger then welcomed Ward 6 Council Member, Charles Allen (D), who spoke on Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts for the upcoming 2020 Presidential election, the DC Statehood hearing scheduled for July 24, and the ongoing situation with Ward 2 Council Member Jack Evans.

Allen said in a recent statement that the recent WMATA memo and investigation make it clear that Councilmember Jack Evans took advantage of the public’s trust for his personal gain, and betrayed the Council’s trust in appointing him to the role. “He was elected as a Councilmember based on the voice of Ward 2 voters,” said Allen in the statement. “That is a much higher standard [than appointment to a board by Council] and I believe at this time that censure and removal from all committee is the appropriate next step until the Council and the people of the District of Columbia know more.”

Hearing on DC Statehood

The Ward 6 Dems are also assisting with plans to pack the hearing room in support of DC Statehood. On Wednesday, July 24, there will be a historic hearing on H.R. 51, the Washington, DC Admission Act, which was introduced by Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton on January 3. This act, has a record 213 co-sponsors in the House and 34 co-sponsors in the Senate. If passed it would grant statehood to the District of Columbia.

Local statehood organizations have joined forces on the Show Up 4 DC campaign to pack the hearing room (Rayburn House Office Building room 2154) with DC Statehood supporters.

Learn what you can do to support this effort at https://www.showup4dc.com/details

Voting on By-Law Changes

Parliamentarian Ethan Van Ness then briefly reviewed the key changes in the bylaws, which were approved by voice vote.

Voting then opened voting for 2019-2021 officers, and continued until 1 p.m. A total of 53 ballots were cast.

The results of the officer elections were:

  • President: Chuck Burger
  • First Vice-President: Dorinda White
  • Second Vice-President: Elizabeth Engel
  • Secretary: Joel Sarfati

The following positions were appointed at the conclusion of the convention:

  • Treasurer: Marci Hilt
  • Parliamentarian: Ethan Van Ness
  • Outreach Director: Andria Thomas

Ward 6 Democrats also considered a sense of the body question on Council Member Charles Allen’s recent statement on Ward 2 council member Jack Evans. Support for Council Member Allen’s statement passed overwhelmingly.

Follow the Ward 6 Dems on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, or visit the website. You can also support the Ward 6 Democrats with a donation or by volunteering. March with the Ward 6 Dems in the Capitol Hill July 4th Parade! Contact Treasurer MarciHilt@aol.com

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