Maury Students Visit Anacostia Boathouse

Non-Profit Serve Your City DC Facilitates Tour

Coach Patrick Johnson of Athletes Without Limits gave Maury Elementary Hiking Club a tour of the Anacostia Boathouse. Photo: Courtesy E. Nelson

The Maury Hiking Club ended their season with a trek to the Anacostia Boathouse (1900 M St. SE). During their weekly hikes to Kingman Island over the past school year, the kids would see rowers out on the river and run the path alongside, until the boats pulled out of view.

The trip was facilitated by Hill-based non-profit Serve Your City DC. Photo: Courtesy E. Nelson

Thanks to Maurice Cook of Serve Your City, a excursion to the boathouse was arranged, where Coach Patrick Johnson of Athletes Without Limits gave a tour of the facility. He was joined by Coach Mike and members of their youth rowing club.

The kids learned about the different kinds of boats and proper rowing technique, relay-raced on the erg machines and savored the longest hike of the season.