Blasting off to Space Camp

Fifth Graders Land Safely, Relay Highlights

The Space Camp mission is a traditional capstone experience for Maury Elementary School Fifth Graders. Photo: Courtesy E. Nelson

Maury’s fifth grade class landed safely after the traditional trip to Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama. The trip is a capstone experience tradition for the senior class at Maury Elementary School. It is a three-day trip to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, at the end of the school year where students learn about STEM and space mission history, do space simulations, and even complete a realistic space mission

A simulated mission was one of the highlights of the trip. Photo: Courtesy E. Nelson

Some highlights of the trip were: creating and launching rockets; watching a show in the planetarium; completing a simulated “space mission”; participating in Space Camp Trivia Night (one of the Maury teams won); taking a turn on the MAT (or Multi-Axis trainer) that simulates the “tumble spin” astronauts may experience in space; and enjoying the Moon Shot ad G-Force rides.

A lot of work goes into making it possible for all students in the class to make the trip together. The Maury community is grateful to the trip organizer, Sam Hauslohner, the chaperones, and everyone who assisted with fundraising, especially the Capitol Hill Community Foundation.

This is a prime example of the good work the Foundation does in the community, working hard to ensure equal opportunities for all children.