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New Commissioner Takes Office for ANC 6C

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6C has once again assumed full strength. Drew Courtney was sworn in on Wednesday, June 12 as the new commissioner for Single Member District (SMD) 6C06.

Former Commissioner Robb Dooling was compelled to step down from the role because he had purchased a home outside the bounds of his SMD, a decision he called ‘bittersweet’ when he made the announcement at the April 10th meeting of the Commission.

ANC 6C06 lies between North Capitol and Eighth Streets NE, roughly bordered by New York and Florida Avenues to the north and by H and K Streets NE to the south.

Courtney is a former chair of the ANC 6C Alcoholic Beverage Licensing (ABL) Committee. “I really enjoyed the process of getting to engage with different community members, both the residents and proprietors of the establishments we were working with,” he said. “I had to step back from that for professional reasons and really missed it.”

When Robb Dooling moved out of his SMD, Courtney said, it was a big loss, but also created an opportunity for him to get involved again, and he decided to jump in.

Courtney listens to proceedings at the June 12 meeting of ANC 6C, seated between Chair Karen Wirt (6C02, left) and Commissioner Christine Healey (6C01, right).

Courtney was sworn in less than four hours before his first meeting as commissioner. He said he wants to learn the ins-and-outs of the office and hear from neighbors before he takes a hard line on particular issues as commissioner. Nonetheless, he said that his focus as commissioner will follow three themes: Commissioner Courtney is looking to make his SMD safer, stronger and more equitable.

He emphasizes the need to address issues around cyclist and pedestrian safety. He wants to strengthen and multiply places for people to meet and mingle, as well as to find more opportunities for new playgrounds and parks but also bars and restaurants ‘when they fit into the fabric of community.’

The new commissioner emphasizes a need for a focus on affordable housing and also to make sure the ANC is listening to the needs of long-term residents. “I was really happy with how we were able to do that when we were doing alcohol licenses, just by knocking on doors in the neighborhood and making sure that people were invited,” he said of his time with the ABL Committee. “I’d like to make sure that we can kind of bring that spirit to the other issues that are happening.”

Coming from a background in progressive advocacy, until recently Courtney worked on judicial nominations and other issues. He lives near Fifth and M Streets NE with his husband and their dog, Renley. In his spare time, Courtney said he is taking pottery classes at District Clay Center, ‘which I love, but am not very good at.”

Courtney has not yet been assigned a government email address as commissioner. Constituents can reach him via email at DrewCourtneyANC@gmail.com. Learn more about ANC 6C and the differing SMDs by visiting ANC6c.org

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