Hill Mourns Artist Tom Grahame

Local photographer and writer Tom Grahame died June 8. Photo: Courtesy B. Allman

Local artist, photographer and writer Tom Grahame died June 8, 2019 of complications from ALS. He is survived by his wife, the visual artist Jan Kern.

Grahame was an avid hiker, naturalist, and athlete who met Kern in 1978 when he moved to DC from Boston to work on energy legislation. Grahame was a talented photographer who last year exhibited pieces from a 1983 trip to the Canadian wilderness and various visits to Alaska in a solo show titled “Wilderness Light and Life: Canadian Lakes and Alaska.”

In addition to serving as secretary of the Capitol Hill Restoration Society (CHRS), Grahame wrote pieces for the Hill Rag, including a descriptive and educational 2011 recounting of a trip to Morrocco in Early Spring.

Grahame’s book of short vignettes from his life, titled Adventuring Toward Adulthood: If You are Impulsive, You Better be Lucky, is expected to be available on Amazon sometime in the summer.

Plans are being made for a Memorial service in autumn.