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Eagle Academy Seeks New Location

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D met on May 13. Commissioners Gail Fast (6D01, Chair), Ronald Collins (6D03, Treasurer), Andy Litsky (6D04, Vice Chair), , Rhonda N. Hamilton (6D06, Secretary) and Edward Daniels (6D07) were on the dais. Anna Forgie (6D02) and Anthony Dale (6D05) were absent.

Karen Alston, chief marketing officer of Eagle Academy Public Charter School, briefed the commission on the school’s efforts to find a new location with the commission’s boundaries. The school started at the Blue Castle in 2003 and has been situated on New Jersey Avenue SE since 2008. That location will only be available one more year. The school is seeking space for 10 classrooms housing 150 students in pre-K 3, pre-K 4 and kindergarten. Currently, the school has a waiting list. She asked the commission for assistance in relocating.

Captain Aubrey Mongel briefed the commission on public safety. The public should be aware that there has been a rash of muggings targeting pedestrians with cell phones, Mongel stated. He warned people against walking distractedly.

John Green from the Office of the Attorney (OAG) briefed the commission on their annual report.

Polly Donaldson, director of the DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), offered remarks on the mayor’s budget. She stressed the importance of investing in both affordable and workforce housing. Commissioner Litsky pointed out that existing inclusive zoning regulations had resulted in very little affordable housing being built on Buzzard Point. Commissioner Hamilton questioned Donaldson closely on whether the mayor planned to allocate funds for fixing existing public housing. The mayor is awaiting a complete fiscal review of the DC Housing Authority due this summer to make any funding decisions.

Sarah Fashbaugh of the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) briefed the commission on her agency’s work.

Benito Perez of the DC Dept. of Transportation presented the agency’s plans for the city’s 370 “Redtop” parking meters. These are reserved for disabled individuals. The agency is setting new standards to ensure that such parking is limited and generates revenue.

The commission unanimously to:

  • approve the June agenda and May minutes;
  • send a letter to the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) requesting pickleball courts at Greenleaf Rec Center;
  • send a letter of support of Family Day at Landsburg Park on June 15;
  • send a letter of support of Paul Taylor’s birthday celebration on Aug. 24 at Landsburg Park;
  • protest a liquor application by La Vie Restaurant, 88 District Square SW, on the grounds of peace, order and quiet unless Commissioners Fast and Litsky could negotiate an acceptable agreement;
  • support a community agreement and liquor license for The Grill, 99 Market St. SW;
  • support a renewal of the liquor license for the Odyssey Cruise Line;
  • support the renewal of the liquor license for the Spirit Cruise Line;
  • oppose the closing of the public alley on Square 660 at Half Street and Potomac Avenue SE;
  • request DDOT to meet with the commission on transportation issues, particularly the Fourth and M Street SW traffic safety study;
  • authorized Commissioner Litsky to testify at the council hearing on the renewal of the Southwest Business Improvement District’s (SW BID) charter;
  • support the 2019 Prevent Cancer Walk on Nov. 3;
  • request DDOT install an all-way stop at Second and Q Streets SW;
  • request DDOT not move the bus stop in front of Jefferson Academy on the 700 block of Seventh Street SW;
  • support the Annual Duck Drop;
  • oppose the mayor’s plans to cut funding for the DC Commission for the Arts;
  • approved the FY19 ANC 6D Treasurer’s Report.


ANC 6D’s next meeting will be held on June 6 at 7 p.m. at 1100 Fourth St. SW. Visit www.anc6d.org for more information.

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