Celebrate 50th Annual Duddington Place Block Party

Residents Hope to Locate Former Residents for Anniversary Party

This Duddington Place second-story catio has all the bells and whistles, and blends in perfectly with the architecture. The celebrated street will hold its 50th Block Party June 1, and residents want to invite all current and former residents to celebrate. Photo: Cheryl Corson

The residents of Duddington Place and surroundings are pleased to announce the 50th Anniversary Block Party on June 1st from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Reportedly the longest running block party in DC, the event will mark the long-standing tradition of expanding friendships and commitment to the community.

The well-known block party is an all-day event filled with activities that start with cleaning the street and alleys and ends with dinner and dancing.  Early morning activities include a dog parade and agility run created by young residents, followed by pony rides, crafts and a luncheon for children. The block party is also visited by members of the fire and police departments allowing young residents to interact with emergency personnel.

What started as a picnic dinner in 1969 is now an all-day series of events for children, adults, friends and pets cement these long-standing relationships.  This year residents are hoping to locate and invite former residents for the 50th Anniversary. A core group of ever-changing neighbors takes the helm for this and previous event coordination and production.

Lockated a block north of Garfield Park between First and Second Streets SE, Duddington Place has a rich history with lots of unsubstantiated lore. The townhomes were constructed 110 years ago reportedly for workers building government facilities.  The first major renovations in the early 60’s brought new life to over 60 townhouses on this renowned gingko-lined street.

In addition to being recognized for Fall’s golden gingkoes, Duddington Place has been and is the residence of many accomplished national personalities establishing their first roots and careers in Washington.