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1D Advisory Council Meeting to Address Potomac Metro Stabbing

Residents are invited to attend the MPD First District Citizen’s Advisory Council (CAC) meeting, held 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 1 at the Liberty Baptist Church (527 Kentucky Ave. SE).

Metro Transit Police and MPD officers will be on hand to address the homicide at Potomac Avenue Metro Station as well as safety in the area. The meeting will also discuss pedestrian and bicycle safety and community concerns. First District Commander Morgan Kane will appear to provide area crime reports, as well as prosecution reporting from the office of the US Attorney.

Citizen’s Advisory Council meetings provide a forum for open discussion about policing, its effects and the roles of citizens, faith-based organizations, residents and businesses. The regular monthly CAC meeting is generally held the first week of the month and last for one hour. Email caconlineall@gmail.com, or visit www.1dcac.com for more information.

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