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DDOT to Change Direction of D Street SE

DDOT has issued a Notice of Intent (NOI) for changes in the area of Eastern Market Metro, notably to the flow of traffic on the 700 block of D Street SE. The changes are to accommodate a turnaround for the Eastern Market-L’Enfant Plaza Circulator Bus route, which will continue to begin and end at Eastern Market.

The bus would turn left from Eighth Street SE onto D Street SE, where FedEx Office and Hill’s Kitchen are located. The route would then proceed right onto Seventh and right again onto Pennsylvania Avenue where it will terminate. It then begins again by turning right onto Eighth before proceeding west towards L’Enfant Plaza.

The changes come as another District agency, the Department of General Services (DGS) leads a design team in finalizing plans for the renovation of Eastern Market Plaza Park (EMMP) the areas around the metro entrance, the Didden Holiday tree, and the grassy triangles near Pennsylvania Avenue SE.  A community meeting on that work is scheduled for April 3.

Plan showing anticipated changes to the intersection of Eighth (the horizontal) and D Streets SE (the vertical). The Starbucks coffee is on the lower right corner; Hill’s Kitchen is on D Street, on the lower vertical. Pink lines indicate the expected path of the Circulator Bus. Image: DDOT NOI# 19-001 – TDD

Plans include a reversal of the flow of traffic on the 700 block of D Street SE between Eighth and Seventh Street SE. The goal is to change D Street from an eastbound one-way to a westbound one-way. The loading zone on the south side will be switched to the north.

On Eighth Street SE, a northbound ‘left-turn only’ lane will be added on the 400 block of Eighth Street between E and D Streets SE, and the loading zone on the east side of that block will be shifted from mid-block to 20 feet from the stop bar, removing 25 feet of parking.

Changes will also be made at the intersection of South Carolina Avenue, Seventh and D Streets SE (near the Southeast Library) to accommodate these changes, including realignments to traffic approaches, and signage.

You can view the full details of the NOI online. Comments must be submitted by Friday, April 12 by contacting Carla Longshore at Carla.longshore@dc.gov.

Written comments can be sent to the District Department of Transportation, Carla Longshore, Transit Delivery Division, 55 M Street SE Washington, DC 20003.

View the status of the NOI at https://ddot.dc.gov/service/ddot-notice-intent. If you have trouble accessing the NOI site, contact DDOT Customer Service at 202-671-2800.

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