Summit to Soul: Way More Than an Athletic Shop

Barracks Row Report: Heads Up, Wings Out

The Summit to Soul (STS) Fun Run group planks after singing 'Happy Birthday' to Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RGB) outside the Supreme Court building on March 15. Courtesy: S. Bosworth

Remember when you first realized Frager’s was way more than a hardware store? That spirit burns bright at Summit to Soul (727 Eighth St. SE) Owner, Kim Wattrick and Manager Madeline Mooneyt are so completely in the moment with every shopper that business transactions instantly melt into friendships.

The Five-Star rated shop is legendary for being 100% invested in customer satisfaction. They guarantee honest feedback on fit and color with expert advice for shoppers pairing pieces from different brands to create individualized looks. Just ask and you can unroll yoga mats for a quick try out, open bottles for a quick smell, and get fast, accurate advice on the best local spots for running and yoga.

Opened in 2016 Summit to Soul has rapidly become a pivotal player in the local running and yoga community.  Though she is the buyer for the shop’s outstanding collection of running/yoga gear, candles, water bottles and yoga mats (mostly from female owned brands) Wattrick also has an uncanny flair for whipping up activities for her community.

Kim Wattrick is pictured against the ‘Head Up WIngs Out’ wall at Summit to Soul (727 Eighth St. SE). The shop sells more than yoga and running gear; it is a focal point for community events and individual relationships. Courtesy: S. Bosworth

Recently there was a fun run from STS with a stop at a yoga studio for a work out. Earlier today Summit to Soul hosted Seattle manufacturer, Oiselle, (translation from French: female bird), a chic, sustainable line of women’s athleisure wear. Along with Oiselle President Sally Bergesen, Wattrick led a 7AM run to the steps of the Supreme Court where the group sang Happy Birthday to RBG then posed for a portrait in plank position.

Head Up – Wings Out!

Bergesen and Wattrick met and bonded during the 2016 Women’s March and have continued to develop their unique partnership.  Oiselle’s flagship retail store is located in Seattle but soon at Summit to Soul the extended Oiselle line will be available- including their capsule collections, premium outer wear, accessories and more.  But, it’s not just about tights, cool tops and fun runs.

Oiselle has an unparalleled ability to connect women through sport that mirrors the experience local women treasure at Summit to Soul.  A large part of what fuels the momentum at Summit to Soul is carrying brands that align with their core values of purpose – as well as providing top quality products and superlative customer service. If you are a female athlete in the DC area or have one on your shopping list, this is the shop for you!

Tidbits: Summit to Soul’s up the street neighbor is Souk (705 Eighth St SE), owned by female entrepreneur and baker extraordinaire, Winnette Mcintosh. On Saturday, March 16 join The Big Bake at Souk. All the special delicacies Souk provides to DC shops like Colombe and Blue Stone Lane will be in stock and ready for sampling at Souk along with free coffee from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Sharon Bosworth is the Deputy Director for Barracks Row Main Street (BRMS), a Main Street program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation that has been working to preserve and enhance historic Eighth Street SE for the past twenty years. Contact BRMS at